How to deal with assholes at work? 10 replies

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#11 1 month ago

Thanks. It really means a lot that you would take out the time to address me so personally. And I couldn't agree with you more.

One of the big troubles that has been is it seems like one's network influences their opportunities in the field a lot. That is where the aping behaviour and trying to fit in comes from. I don't want to seem aloof by being quiet but I have no better idea of what they would prefer to talk about, if I do so. Frankly, apart from that and given interaction till now, I don't really care to interact. That isn't to say I wouldn't interact with them if they initiate conversation or needed help with something but apart from that, I think I would work more efficiently not caring to go out of my way to speak to them. Not to mention I don't really care for gossip, which constitutes most of the conversations.

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