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28th October 2004

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#181 15 years ago

WiseBoboAll this advice is bogus.

Just be yourself.

If you have to change your ways to get a girlfriend, you shouldn't be having one in the first place unless you prefer to be in a relationship for self-gain or like whores.

Be yourself.. Thats just about the right thing to do... Very good advice..

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27th March 2005

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#182 15 years ago
Delta ForceHello I just want to know if anyone has some techniques that work for getting a girlfreind. (and keeping for a while obveisly). I know my thing says i'm 20 so you think I shuld be telling you this stuff but I just clicked fast going though, i'm actually 14. So anyone got some suggestions?

Biggest tip ever!!!! --- if you hav a girl in mind. Tell her how you feel!!, at least hen you can say you tried instead of living like a shadow behind her!, i have known a girl for a few years now, and i thogt she was outta my league, and i was wrong, but sadley she meet a bloke the same night i decided i would tell her lol!!--- irony!:rolleyes: ---

Also, just because you spend time playing on computers dont mean you cant get a girl. Thats just the older generation talking, whether people like or not, we grew up with computers, we are the ones who know how to use them. Jesus, i sed to spend all the time i was in playing games, now i dont play games as much as creating them but, hell i've had enough girl friends to keep me happy. Also at the ae of 14 unless you have a special relationship-- dont get to emotional, i nver saw the point in a serious relationship at the age of 14.

And sex aint da end of the world, well not to me it aint, i've learned that sx aint everything in a relationship, and theirs no rush if you love each other.


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17th December 2005

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#183 15 years ago
Delta ForceSo you think that sterotype of gamers not having any outside contact is true? Well, if the relese of Halo 2 taught me anything its that once Xbox 360 releses i'm not gonna go out of my room for a week, i'll be all stocked up on food, water, caffinenated stuff, and water bottles to pee back into. I'm the only guy out of all the guys I know (like 100) who besides not having a girlfriend, has never had one at all. I'm pathetic. I'm like among the 10% of the guys I know whos never had sex.:bawl:

You shouldn't be having sex. We don't need anymore children polluting this Earth with unfit parents. *I'm probably one of the most mature people at my school, probably this entire district* That "*" thing was a though of mine. Your acting kind of stupid. Hell, I'm fouteen and I don't have a girlfriend, and I shouldn't. Im proud, and I'm glad. No ball and chain around me. I can be kind of intimading, and I talk about Satan, Hell Eternal Damnation, Apocalypse, violence, and mumble to myself alot. That plays a big role in to. I'd say its mostly that.


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#184 15 years ago
zl1corvettebecause you are special yourself..don't ever deny that.

awww, aint the sweet. Yeah, but true. jeez, what am i saying..?:confused:

Yeah, your only 14 like me, and i dont really care if i dont have a gf yet. But yeah, i have a few girls that are intrested in me so ya, that might leed to something later on.

Take the advice from the older guys, just enjoy life for now, youll only get one.

And after reading some of the posts, you guys can be really helpful when you want, or if someone askes a good question.

Yeah, and take up something intresting.

Take this for eg.

I know a friend, he liked the band "Rammstein" and because he couldent understand what they where saying, so he decided to learn german. Now he like 15 girls after him, no jokes!