How to handle this kind of idiocy and hypocrisy? 8 replies

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#1 4 years ago

Sorry, I'm not quite sure whether to post it here or the Pub, but this subject felt not controversial enough to post it in the latter location.

Today, I browsed some interesting videos on YouTube which seemed quite amusing. However, as per usual, the comments change from whatever to a discussion that's turned into something I couldn't resist replying to (knowing myself, this isn't really a surprise; I barely can resist commenting).

A comment was posted and it is the following:

poor animal typical for russia , no human rights you're worth as much as an animal

Followed by person x [plot twist incoming]:

Why the fuck it is animal abuse? Why the fuck there is no human rights in russia, just because we do not like to fuck man's asses?

Followed by person y:

+[youtubeprofile] with your comments you confirmed jays holm´s statements

Followed by person z:

+[youtubeprofile] No. He didn't.

Person x responds to person y:

+[youtubeprofile] OK Proove your point :) What meaning of my words describe me as a man who think "NO HUMAN RIGHTS" is good idea :)

Now, it began becoming interesting here, where someone replied to person x, with a relatively average amount of common sense:

+[youtubeprofile] Because you don't allow people to be themself. You take responsibilty for someone else his life. And in Russia "don't like" means beat them up almost to dead? There is nothing wrong if someone is gay.

Because not a single word that harms Poetin may be said. Pussy riot that just sang a song in a church, yes it maybe was rude... but to lock them up for 2 years on water and bread without a bed?

Here in Holland Russian dimplomat did hit his own child outside his house so dutch police arrested the man. Russia was pissed off and suddenly some random russian guys beat up a dutch dimplomat in russia that had nothing done wrong...

Followed by person x replying to the above:

We allow people to be themself if "THEMSELF" means to be a good guy :) And as for gays we not against that, no law enforcement in russia for being a gay, we just against building our modern culture based on accepting this as normal. So if you want to suck someones cock - feel free SWALLOW IT, but do not show it to public. And YES you can call us as you wish dictators, morons, bastards but we still use words MOTHER and FATHER instead of PARENT N1 and PARENT N2 what's the fuck happening with the world????

Now, I couldn't resist replying now, so I replied to the above with:

+[youtubeprofile] It's still not justified. Why DICTATE someone else's life? Do you have the right to interfere with their lives, regardless of their sexuality and/or religion? What makes you better or more important as a personal or nation to destroy someone else's life simply based on said subjects? "What the fuck is happening to the world" comment of yours is rather the epitome of hypocrisy here.


What I'm getting at here is: how do you handle these kind of comments if not replying isn't an option [in terms of urge, emotion, etc.]? Why do people have to insist on interfering with another person's life? What's the point?

For one, you probably won't help that person. You're most likely to destroy it. Two, you're wasting your time by trying to convince people to change their habits and/or lifestyle, which is neither acceptable nor bound to happen.

I could go on, but you get the point... I hope.

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#2 4 years ago

Those people aren't there to discuss issues, they are there becuse they enjoy posting opinions because they know that it pisses other people off and because there is a very low chance that there will be any consequences for their actions.

You can post reasonable things and get a lot of bullshit in return, it won't accomplish anything except for spoiling your mood. Or you can manipulate them into breaking enough rules to get themselves removed from the discussion (if that is even possible on youtube).

Best option is probably not to read youtube comments.

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#3 4 years ago

I've configured AdMuncher to strip YouTube comments from the HTML, you can also get plugins that remove the YouTube comments section, or replace them with Herp Derp.

But the YouTube comments system is simply full of bile, hatred and horridness. Thankfully a lot of YouTubers are now having the decency to turn the comments off. But you should never read the comments. Only the lowest of the low post in YouTube comments.

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#4 4 years ago

Dude, it's youtube. You'd have better luck having that sort of debate somewhere with a higher standard of general rationality, like 4chan.

But I digress. What I think is often a critical insight in manipulating people is that most people do things more on feeling than thought - and a lot of people don't exactly have well developed critical thinking skills to begin with. The best approach I've found to these people so far has been the old "kill them with kindness" one, talk to them a bit, sympathise, try to wheedle them around to sympathising with others.

But realistically, the hit rate can be pretty low, and it's just not worth the bother a lot of the time. When arguing with such people I tend to look on it more as advertising for the opposing point of view, making it so that people reading it have something other than mindless hate as their impression of society, rather than actually being able to talk the person out of it. Something not about winning the individual over but about winning the audience over.

Which is in some ways the obvious next step in your own argument. If people aren't free to express it in society then all they'll see in the society is the hate and that can be psychologically damaging.

... At the end of the day though: Youtube. There are limits to how much intelligent people are going to have to do with communication structured in that style - and given that content creators tend to attract people who are not content creators you should expect a pretty sharp delineation of value there. I don't think I've ever, in all the years I've been on the site, seen anything useful or interesting in a youtube comment. Just strip them out or don't look at them or....

Don't inflict these sorts of idiots on yourself. Please? =p

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#5 4 years ago
Nemmerle;5722743Dude, it's youtube.

Truer words were never spoken. Just read their stupidity for a laugh and move on with your life.



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#6 4 years ago

Why bother - that's like caring about 4chan threads that anyway are deleted within like 24 hours (similarly I don't think Youtube comment sections appear in search engines). Some of those gaming misogyny controversies can be pretty much traced to some individual 4chan trolls that have been just dug up by some people. I agree that if those people go harrassing other people outside their respective forums others should take action, but caring about individual anonymous posters - not worthwhile.

And on a more general scale, stop caring so much about how other people think. Some kind of "x Watch" sites are just too popular; for example Democrats being obsessed about something Republicans say and Republicans being obsessed about something Democrats say. Instead it should be just accepted there are millions of people who strongly disagree with any of your views, but I guess it's just sometimes hard to confront the idea (e.g. some people are immensely annoyed if news site comment sections have a lot of posts of some opposing view, not even taking the actual arguments into account).


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#7 4 years ago

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#8 4 years ago

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#9 4 years ago

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