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A psychedelic experience.

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16th April 2004

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#11 15 years ago

Well, the day's just started. 'Course I went to be at 4Am, and feel like shit as it's only 11AM now.


Rod Menass

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29th March 2005

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#12 15 years ago

I got up, had to drive to school with my dad because of the (recently ended) transit strike. I finished up my midterms in German and Calculus today, then after cleaning my boxers after taking the Calculus test, I went to Subway and got an Italian BMT and watched Batman Begins. Now I'm pondering what I should do because I'm now on vacation.


Promiscuous Girl

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6th July 2005

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#13 15 years ago

My day was pretty good. Wednesday I got out of school for Christmas break and I stayed the night at my friends house. And I just got back from Christmas shopping.



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8th December 2005

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#14 15 years ago

[COLOR=Gray]Booooooooor[COLOR=DimGray]r[/COLOR][COLOR=DimGray]rrr[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]r[/COLOR][COLOR=DimGray]rrr[/COLOR]innnnnnnnng [/COLOR]I got up at seven and carried out my usual morning routine. Got to work for nine to find little work. The little work I did have took me about half-an-hour to complete and after that I had absolutely nothing to do. This is due to Christmas.

I was so bored and for the first time, I wished I did have some work to do. Complain of too much work in the future, I won't.

Then I got home, put my feet up and had a beer (complements of work).


Smarter than your average stump.

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25th June 2003

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#15 15 years ago

An uneventful day so far. Let's see, I slept in 'till 10, got up and showered, ate an avocado and drank a v8, logged on to GF for way too long, and now I'm going out to get a haircut.

When in doubt, gas it!



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7th April 2005

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#16 15 years ago

My day was quite mediocre. My mobile phone's (Nokia of course!) alarm clock went on at 11:15, but I was too tired to get up before 11:50. Started computer, read up the forums (like always, there are loads of new posts after the night) and then I went to watch the war movie "Hart's War" from DVD, eating prepared dinner. Went back to the computer, watched "Simpsons" later from TV and returned back to PC to play old classic WW II strategy, "Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord", commanding American paratroopers in defensive battle against German attack.

My younger big brother comes home from work somewhere at 21:00 and soon we have a serious quarrel which escalated from relatively small issue. I vacuum the second floor and do some small housekeeping tasks (such as taking out the carbage). Parents come home from work (yes, I still live at home, no need or money for own apartment yet) and we chat a little bit. Watched TV, got to my computer to check the forums before going to sleep (like always) and here I am :lookaround:


I am the Walrus

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24th October 2004

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#17 15 years ago

Woke up at 9:50 with the urge to urinate.

Here i am at 10:30.

Inyri Forge Advanced Member

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15th March 2005

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#18 15 years ago

Today was pretty uneventful. I slept in until a bout 9:30 - well, that's what my clock said because the power flickered off yesterday (just long enough to screw up all the clocks, of course). The real time was about 12:30.

I had a blood donation appointment at 2pm, so I had my mom take me. I don't like driving myself home after I give blood because I don't want to take the chance of getting light-headed and passing out behind the wheel. That would be... bad luck. My iron had been low last time - 11.3 I think - but now that I got a new dietary supplement I'm back up to 13.3 so they actually took the blood this time. Thank God. I don't like driving all the way up there, having them poke me and prod me and stick me in the finger, then tell me "Sorry, you can't give today."

After that I came home, chilled on the sofa chair with my 6-month-old kitten Riley (he's a handful), then got bored and watched an interesting program on the Discovery channel about celiac disease, mitral valve prolapse, and epilepsy.

After that I hopped online, did some work, and that brings us to the present.


im calling the police

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18th July 2003

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#19 15 years ago

major religious discussion, the "N word" used about 300000 times, racism, racism ect.

A normal family gettogether from my dads point of view.

Its quite embarassing.

ScOrPY Advanced Member

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17th November 2003

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#20 15 years ago

Well its morning here, 10:45am, I just got up. ;)