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7th December 2003

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#41 15 years ago

Got up at 7 (which is bloody early for me) and lay there for ten minutes thinking if I should get up or not. I decided not to be lazy and dragged myself to the shower. Quick breakfast and then going by bus for about 20 minutes to exercise a bit (martial arts). At 10 I was back, since then I packed things and cleaned the flat as I will drive home for the Christmas holidays.


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8th October 2004

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#42 15 years ago

I came out of bed.. My parents congratulated me while it's my birthday today.

Went to school, once I got there I followed two lessons who were quite boring. After that I went home..

I ate something, turned on my pc and from that momentI've been sitting here.. That's it so far today..

Yesterday: Wake up at 11.30. Dressed up, ate something, done my hair etc. After that I went to school. When school was out, I bought some Christmas presents. I got back home, had my diner and after that I runed my pc on. GamingForums a bit.. doing some stuff for the network sites etc.

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20th March 2005

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#43 15 years ago

Lets see i woke up at 10am played some WOW, had brekfast at 2pm, played more WoW, had lunch at 9pm, I'll probably have dinner at midnight. I did all this instead of writing my history paper. There was no school today. :(


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#44 15 years ago

I woke up at about 9 am today we had to go out for christmas shopping food and presents etc, we were out all day I only just got back in, tonight I plan on having a relaxing evening posting on here and watching some christmas T.V. on UK Gold later on, and best off all its friday my favourite day of the week. I won't be going to bed untill about 3 or 4 am.

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9th December 2003

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#45 15 years ago

Today as in the last 24 hours: About this time yesterday (16:55) I logged off, changed into my work outfit and went to work. I arrived there at 17:40 and since I was officially too late to ask for a dish (staff get's to eat the day menu 30 minutes before they have to start) I had a simple schnitzel with fries.

I was just intime with loggin in (the computer said it was 17:59) and started my shift. Asked the keys (electronic keycard actually) of the manager and checked on the levels of syrup and if there was enough carbon dioxide. One cyclinder was empty (it's a dual cyclinder system one being the "duty cylinder" and the other to take over if one runs out) so I changed it. Took some empty packages of syrup with me who some lazy ass left behind (if you swap things clean up the empty packages, ahhhh!) and then went to the back. Threw the mpty containers in the large trashcontainter and saw it was a big mess there too with all the empty bottles not being nicely stacked.

I first went back to my bar, did the dishes, made sure everything was there in sufficient quantities (had to get some more icecubes, slices of melon and orange jus) and did all the orders that came in via th computer. I helped around with other things around the restaurant aswell (seeing the restaurant wasn't very full, near empty actually) such as stacking wine, champagne and spirits that came in (christmas order).

I then also found tim to clean up the mss behind the restaurant and sorted all the empty bottles and glasses out, putted thm into crates and stacked them together. This is begining to work on my nerves though since time and time again I need to tell the rest of staff to sort & stack the empty bottles and not to dump it all in one big pile. I think I will ask my manager to put up an announcement (reminder) soon so the rest of the staff will actually do the work they are suposed to do. They all say "yes I stack the bottles aswell" but lots of staff doesn't.

I finally closed my bar around 0:45 (doing all dishes, refilling what was used, polishing all glasswork, taking out all the segments of the bar and clean them, clean the floors and part of the walls etc.) and helped out in the other part of the restaurant where Lay's (from Friesland, that's the very north of this country) had a party. They hired 3/4 of the hotel for their staff and brought a whole bunch of stuff with them including a ton of chips. The band / music group was from Friesland aswell (some group of DJ's, not live music) and their music was a little more loud then officially allowed but no complaints came from the hotel (no suprise if Lay's staff hired 3/4 of the hotel :p) and when they stopped at 1:30 hours we got the regular events such as people wanting "just one more beer" , they kept on whining but when my/our bar is closed it is *closed*. One guy tried to run of with a bottle of wine that was on the counter but we chased him down the hall and it back.

After cleaning up we got ourselfs some chips (hey they left it behind so why not take some? :p ) and got ourselfs a drink. Then we chatted a little about me getting all drunk last Friday which was fun.

More to come, my stephdad is about to pick me up to bring me to my mom, early christmas dinner with mom, stephdad, grandma, my brother and I. Sorry.

/me runs to the door.

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19th April 2004

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#46 15 years ago

Well time for an update.

Yesterday night. Got pizza from this great pizza place, ate it, went to my brother coral concert. Came home, and opened up my box from parts express, I ordered some stuff from them last sunday. Looked over the 2 optical cables, the component video cables, 2 tweeter I ordered, and an optical input selector.

Went to bed, woke up at 6:05. Tried to toast a poptart but %85 of it fell apart in the toaster:( got dressed, went out to catch the bus. Silly freshmen trying to hide from the MJROTC(Marine JROTC) instuctor on my street. Instructor comes around, yells at the freshman from his car, scares the crap out of me, and the bus comes. Ride to school with just about no one on the bus. Got to school, found about 5 girls in my class flipping out about what they gave each other. Went to a madden tournemnt, and spent the rest of the 4 hour day in classes doing nothing. Got out at 11:30

Came home, took my tweeters out of the box and installed one. Mixed the polarity up and I had to change it. Logged onto the forums, and now I am here.


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3rd July 2004

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#47 15 years ago

I woke up at about 11ish. Then I had a shower and stuff. Then I went on the PC for a bit, listened to some music etc. Then I ate a bacon butty, then I decided to wrap some presents. After that, I went on msn and arranged my social activity for the evening. Then I watched Blue Peter for no apparent reason. Then my friend called me, and invited me to some random party tonight, and I haven't seen him for ages, so I'm gonna go.