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10th April 2005

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#21 12 years ago

I am a self described Anti-Mac - I would on most cases say that Macs are inferior to PCs in nearly every possible way. I will have to give credit where due on the iPod Touch and iPhone. The old scrollwheel iPod is cheesy and overdone at this point and I think very little of the Nano, Classic, or any of those similar. But get this, I paid quite a bit less than retail for my 8 GB iPod Touch (A normally $300 before tax item new) and it was in great shape, nothing broke or anything. I used it for several months and really enjoyed it. Only used about 3 GB worth of space on it and compared to the PSP I had been using to listen to music and watch videos it was so much lighter and easier to carry and use and much better on battery life. After using it for so long and carrying my Razr V3 in addition to it, I bought an iPhone 8 GB (Not the 3G) for $275. I then sold my Razr V3 which I used for 3 years for $50 (Bought it for $20 and still made a profit and gained from it as well) and I'm in the process of selling my iPod Touch right now. I'm trying to get about $220 or so for it. If I do, that means I spent $5 to upgrade to an iPhone. How was any of that a bad deal? I don't like Apple but the iPhone is a good piece of equipment and quite clearly lead the way for all the imposters coming out from the other companies now. I'm also not contracted with AT&T, my iPhone is jailbroken and unlocked and I'm using it on T-Mobile. AT&T and Apple have not made any money off any of my purchases of their products so as far as I'm concerned it's still all good. But compartively, what out there comes close to the iPod Touch's feature list and price point?


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1st January 2005

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#22 12 years ago
Its function is exactly what the name implies: to alert people that you have money in the bank.

LOL, these idiots are begging for identity theft. :rolleyes:


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20th August 2007

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#23 12 years ago

Money corrupts...


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23rd November 2002

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#24 12 years ago

I would like to have one, and I would have wanted to buy that applet. Its all about that cool factor.

Even better would have been if somebody stole my phone, and tried to steal my 0 credit identity because of that icon... :D

Too bad I'm one of the few who is fond of Verizon Wireless.


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#25 12 years ago

But any hardware starts from its web design ;)