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19th April 2004

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#1 12 years ago

I finally fell off my bike. Now I have a broken radial head(bone in your forearm), and a large cut on my chin. I also got 6 other smaller, but deep cuts on my hands and knees.

The story: I took my bike in to have a grinding sound looked at. The bottom bracket(the bearing the crank is connected to), had to be replaced. The shop saw that the brakes were worn out, so I had the brakes and the cables replaced. They asked if I wanted the safety device installed to the brake cable, which will keep the front wheel from locking up. I said I don't think I would need and that I am careful(you should know where the story is going now)

On labor day I decide to go for a ride. I ride about 6 miles from my dorm, I turn around and begin to ride home. I come down a hill doing about 15mph(22kph), and there is a stop sign at the bottom. I decide to test the brakes to see how well they work in an emergency. I slam on the brakes and land on the pavement about 10 feet from where i began to stop. The front wheel locked up and sent me over the handle bars. I first landed on my hands, then my chin hit the pavement and slid. I get up and realize my chin is numb. I had bystanders who asked me if I was OK, and i thought I was. I knew I had at least 4 cuts on my hands, and my chin was scraped up. When I crashed I was about 4 miles from my dorm. It took my about an hour to walk back to my dorm. The whole time I noticed my arm right arm lost most of its ability to lift weight. I get back to my dorm, patch up the cuts on my hands, and look my chin. I call up my mom for some medical advice(she had some medical training). I go to the emergency room, which is about a block away from where I live.

At the emergency room I get my cut glued shut which would have been a few stitches. I also got x-rays(every time I go to the emergency room, I get x-rays.). They tell me that there are indicators that I fractured my radius, and that I need to go to an orthopedic specialist. I go to the specialist, they tell me I have a hairline fracture, and they tell me I can't wear a cast or a brace because it will cause my elbow to seize up. They said I have to keep moving my arm, but I can't lift any weight. I should be good to go in a few weeks assuming the bone does not move.

I was wearing a helmet, which did save me from a nasty scrape on my forehead. My bike has a bent brake handle, so it is not safe to ride as of now.

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15th April 2008

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#2 12 years ago

well, at least you know your brakers work properly, well I hope you recover fast, hope you are not to hard in shock because of your fly-by ;)

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9th December 2003

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#3 12 years ago

Ouch, sounds rather painfull. I haven't really crashed with my bike once. Well once as a kid, when we cycled on the cycling and walking paths that goes around town. Their just placed bridges for a new neighbourhood that was under construction (to cross a small ditch). I exited the cycling path and went across the bridge and took a tumble... the bridge had no pavement on the other side. It was bare ground which was about a meter lower so I took a tumble.

Besides that I only nearly lost balance on my bike such as breaking at medium speeds with bad back wheel breaks and good working front wheels (this resulting in a forward momentum of your body as the bike slows down). Never was thrown forwards though but dispite the odd incident of hitting the wrong breaks.

Oh and any Dutch person probably has been in the situation were the thought the bike had handbreaks (breaks operated by your hands) but it having peddle breaks (peddle backwards to block the back wheel and break) or vica versa. So on a bike you are unfamiliar with (borrowed from a friend or family member) you try to break and go "OOPS other type of breaks, hehe".


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#4 12 years ago

Ouch... Epic boo-boo's.

At least you were wearing a helmet.

Helmet > Pavement

Just don't go back to the guy and ask for that safety device. That'd be so embarassing. XD


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27th October 2006

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#5 12 years ago

Ouchy! Sounds like you were lucky. Same thing happened to a mate of mine a few years back. Sadly he had no helmet and clipped his head on the side of the curb. He died intantly:(


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27th July 2005

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#6 12 years ago

So THAT'S why you've been missing for a week or two!

Meh, I pretty much skinned the whole front of my leg on pavement when I was 9. Did it again two weeks later too.


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14th May 2005

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#7 12 years ago

Yeah, breaking bones is no joke. Although, I'm pretty sure there's various levels of pain depending on how you break a bone. When I was 12-years-old, I broke my left leg in my back yard doing stupid crap. It was a semi-spiral around my leg bone (not sure the correct name for the bone but it was the bottom part of my leg... the calf?) and it hurt pretty bad. Now, it seems like only a bump in my memory. Usually when you're young, things tend to hurt more than they seem, though.

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17th December 2005

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#8 12 years ago

I don't even have a bike.


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21st September 2007

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#9 12 years ago

well since people are on about injuries when i was about 5 my gran tried to put my coat on me and i was messing around and she pulled my arms to get them in the coat and disloacted both of my arms at the same time. to young to rember it though

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6th October 2007

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#10 12 years ago

As in bicycle or motorcycle?