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26th May 2003

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#51 12 years ago
Federiker;3298669Why would someone do that?

If more dimwits get an A grade then an A grade is less valuable since more people have it and some of those people are quite dim. Their success would come at my expense and the expense of people like me, by not allowing them to cheat I increase the value of our qualifications. So I see no reason to help them to succeed when they're clearly not worthy of it from their own efforts.

If they deserve to succeed they can put the time in and the work in and compete with the rest of us. If they're unwilling to do that then I am not going to injure myself and every other person who gets the grade off of their own merit in order to give them something that they have not worked for.

Those who cheat devalue our achievements, they commit an act of war on everyone who achieves for themselves, there's no way in hell I'll help them with that and I'd quite happily sell them down the river in an instant if I caught them at it.


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#52 12 years ago
Pb2Au;3297661Somehow I am disinclined to believe this, it sounds too 'TV.' .

LOL I swear it happed, crazy at it may sound I was ready to go and buy my new bike I was just on my way to the shop, than I spoted the some pussy riding my damn bike! :eek:

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22nd December 2003

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#53 12 years ago
czech speacial forces;3298008where i live people have $150 - $300 phones, they arnt gonna let some kid take it without some blood being spilled.

I'm just asking to be robbed :vikki:. Sidekick II last year - $300, (have a Sidekick III this year, retail $400), iPod Video - $250, 1000w Pioneer subs and Sony xPlod amp - $339+food for my bro for installing them.

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5th April 2006

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#54 12 years ago

oh i had my snowboard stolen....pissed the shit out of me...place it down, went to get ready, come back and poof it was gone


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29th August 2004

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#55 12 years ago

In the second grade I had my game gear and like 20 games stolen. Ive had 2 bikes stollen, one of them I got back thought because I seen the kid riding it. Ive had 900 dollars in samurai swords stollen, My snowboard/bindings/boots, an mp3 player, numerous other things that I dont care to remember.

czech speacial forces

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3rd September 2005

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#56 12 years ago

i have never gotten anything significant stolen. but then again nobody around here really needs to steal.