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16th March 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Well it's like this.

Having downloaded over 150 megs of data since I found this site last Sunday (wow), I came up with some ideas that I'll let you modders take into consideration (as I'm crap at most things).

1) Knowing that the BC engine can support specular, animation and glow maps I thought wouldn't it be cool if for example we used Earth for the purpose of (A) having glow maps to show cities on the shadow side of the Earth (B) then using a specular map of the Earth so that the seas reflect sunlight when in direct light, and finally a second sphear over the main earth model that would be transparent and have an animated map of the weather on it that moves and show things like thunder flashes.

I have a very good idea that this can be done and would look really good for those all important glamour shots of a starship in earth orbit, as the quality of the models needs to be really complimented by nice looking planets too.

I have the sol system map pack with the realistic earth texture and while it looks nice, it still looks a bit stale and there is no sense of life on earth.

any suggestions email me at [email]mrpjhouston@hotmail.com[/email] as I'd love to talk to someone who has the skills to visualise my idea of how a planet should really look.