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#1 18 years ago

Hello. I'm a newbie as far as adding new ships to Bridge Commander goes. I'm having trouble doing it. I used BMCI with Knox's ships.

An MS-DOS console popped up after I tried loading a skirmish with the NCC 1701 refit and the Miranda class starship both from Knox. (below:)

TG Python Exception Debug Console. Type 'resume' to keep running, or 'abort' to kill process.

AttributeError: PreLoadAssets Traceback (innermost last): File ".\Scripts\QuickBattle\QuickBattle.py", line 2465, in StartSimulationActi on pModule = __import__("ships." + sShipType) ImportError: No module named EnterpriseNCC1701 >>>

What am I doing wrong? x.x I can be primarily reached on AOL. Thanks!

~Matt da wolf

P.S. If an image loads, I'm trying to upload an avatar... at least I hope that's what that browse button is for.