I need to know who a girl would interpet this.. 141 replies

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9th December 2003

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#141 14 years ago

evilempireand you would know this how.............joke don't admit you like her at all cost!!!!!!!!(thats if i'm reading knives right?)

She basically you don't tell her exactly how you think about her right away, ofcourse you will have to tell her something but you have to "build it up". If somebody you barely know would walk up to you and tell in full detail how much (s)he loves you then you probably would be looking for the nearest exit. :lol:


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15th July 2003

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#142 14 years ago

Yeah but it's different. We realy like eachother, and she is kind and gentile like me, she would not want to hurt me in any way.I have to go to bed now tommorow I'll give you the update.