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#11 7 years ago

Next time you see the cardiologist ask him for one of those Iron Man robot hearts. Hopefully he'll have a sense of humor.

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#12 7 years ago

Obankobi;5595051So he said it sounds mild, but is scheduling an echocardiogram (a sonogram of the heart) for the end of March. I've had 2 already, he just wants to have a more up to date one to see if it has changed at all.

So no bad news!

Thanks for your support y'all.

I'm glad to hear it. Y'know, if there is bad news, look on the bright side: any surgery will result in a wicked scar, and if the human valve supply is somewhat limited, then you could have either a pig valve or a mechanical valve installed, leaving you either a cyborg or a new superhero, Suilline Man!

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