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18th June 2006

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#51 14 years ago

Chuck Norris doesn't sleep. He waits.

Anyway if I had a time machine, I'd go back to 1944 and kick some major Nazi ass, how about that?

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22nd December 2003

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#52 14 years ago
IhaterednecksWhat if you were Chuck Norris?

Then you'd just lose a little chest hair.

I'd go back and get one last McRibwich. They're so damn tasty, and I missed my chance. :(

What? they come back every year? Oh... Then I'd just see myself in the future and steal money from my future self.

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26th June 2000

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#53 14 years ago

I would travel back either to 1700, 1800, or 1900 to meet the following guys in order:

J.S. Bach Beethoven Debussy/Ravel

I'm a musical dweeb that way I guess. :)

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17th September 2004

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#54 14 years ago

I wonder how many of the people who call swords honorable have ever actually found themselve on the receiving end of one? And I dont understand this argument that a person can only travel into the future, and not the past. Of course you could jump into the past. Its no different to taking a step backwards on the footpath. If the footpath behind you had been removed, or your shoelaces tied together then no, that would stop it from happening, but otherwise you are free to move as you wish. To say that you cant go back because your time-machine never existed in the past is ridiculous. When you go back you create a past. You create a new time-line. You would not be able to change anything, that much is true, but you can still observe.

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17th June 2002

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#55 14 years ago

I would go back in time and brutally slaughter whoever thought that the words 'Euro' and 'Vision' would go great together.


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4th September 2004

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#56 14 years ago

I would go back in time and kill hitler during wwI. Then get back to 2006 and see what the world is like, if i didnt like it, i would travel back in time, and stop myself from killing hitler.

Seriously though.. i would travel back in time to see the most important events of our history. I would go meet Jesus, get aboard Mr Columbus's ship, sit in art class with Hitler and trow stuff at him, see some wwII battles, find out who really killed Kennedy, replace an apollo astronaut.. well, i would have a lifetime of time traveling to do really. depending on how easy it would be for me to travel, i might shape history as i see fit, might as well take a shot at being king of earth.


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#57 14 years ago

I would go to a few places, in chronological order(as far as I know)

Dawn of the Universe, to see what really happend because I bet it would look really awesome.

Dawn of mankind, so I could see what our ancestors looked like and how they lived and hunted.

To visit each of the wonders of the world, atleast the ones that acually exsisted. It would be pretty awesome to see the hanging gardens or the pyramids when they were first built.

During the height of the Age of Exploration so I could see a sailing vessel in action.

To atleast one line-formation battle so I could sit on the sidelines and watch.

I'd skip over WWI as it was probaly the most idiotic war I've ever heard of and go straight to WWII as it is the most intresting war to me(though I wouldn't wnat to get into a postion where I would likely die.

And thats about it.

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20th November 2003

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#58 14 years ago

Go back in time and relive my childhood in the late 80's. Contra and supermario 24/7 on the NES.


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13th March 2005

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#59 14 years ago

hmm before pamala anderson got hot and old so i could be her fu.... friend =D


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8th February 2004

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#60 14 years ago
GalacticElfYes, I'm completely serious. My friend and I were having a debate about this, and I wanted to get a few more opinions. Personally, I would go into the past and bring technology to primitive cultures, so I could influence the outcome of wars and ,ultimately, history. Mainly, I would want to have some major influence on Earth, like get a country named after me or something. Anybody else?

But if you did that, then you'd affect your own future (or present, since you'd be in the past, your actual time-period would be the future) and ultimately prevent yourself from ever having existed. In fact, if things hadn't worked out as they have, we'd all be dead. Changing the past would change everything we have today. If you killed some random person in the 1800's, that could, and very likely would have dire consequences for our current lives, regardless if they had any public importance at the time you killed them. Every little change makes all the difference. Imagine if WWII never happened. We'd never have computer technology, missiles, planes, and cars like we do today. Hell, some of those things may never have gone past their pre-WWII stages, and we'd still be living life in the old-days. I honestly can say if I could go back in time, there isn't a whole lot I would do. I like where I am now, and even though there are certain things I wish I'd done differently and cannot do anything to fix now, I know that if I went back to change it the way I wanted it, everything would be different now. For example: If, say, you went back in time to prevent a disaster, such as, say, 9/11, one of two things would happen- 1) You'd stop it from happening, and send the world into chaos for reasons that wouldn't have existed had the event happened or 2) Your attempts to stop it would make it happen in the end, one way or another, and even possibly make the event more deadly/destructive. I hope time travel is never developed. Everything we have will be ruined because some ignorant fool decides to go and start messing around with the past or future. (Not saying your ignorant, its a general statement referring to just a general populace, considering most pro-timetravel people tend to have very selfish things they want from it, without regard to how their actions would affect the future.) Like I said though, its very complicated, just changing something doesn't mean it will be the way you want it, and once its changed, you can't just go back and change it, because then, think about it, if the event was before time travel was invented, then you'd end up possibly preventing time travel from ever having been invented, and that in and of itself has nasty and dire consequences for you, and everyone else. Its a tough subject to broach, because of the ramifications, although its an interesting debate for sure.