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I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons.

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15th December 2002

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#1 6 months ago

What would you do?

I'd instantly quit this diet and just take whatever money I had and use it to travel as many places as I could in two weeks. First Class of course.

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1st November 2017

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#2 6 months ago

First off, all assets need to be distributed.  Then I'd sell my car.  My Girlfriend isn't in a position to take on my stuff at the end of my life so I would put that all in the hands of my Sister.  I'd probably then go skydiving, always wanted to and whats to lose anyway?

Then, back home in Saskatchewan for me.  And I'm buying a dog.  I'm going to spend time with that dog with my nephew and niece.  When I go out, they will keep raising that dog.  I want to spend my last days playing in the grass of the one place I feel truly happy without reservation, with the people I love with a gift that will spawn new memories as it grows up with my sister's kids.

It's only fair to give them a last two weeks they'll remember.

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12th September 2017

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#3 5 months ago

I'd donate to the Wigs for FileTrekker Foundation

serious reply: I'd probably travel as well.

Which countries would you visit FT? Any priorities?

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#4 5 months ago

I always plan to have two weeks (at most) left to live, sooo... whatever the fuck I'm doing now, I suppose.

I can't even plan ahead far enough to finish

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