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Hey Mast3rofPuppets - do you have a clearer pic of this camo? (as in - a plain room?) That's some impressive stuff :eek:

I have these pics of the Swedish Air Force Rangers (Saab Barracuda have several different systems, I don't know if this is exactly the same one as on the pic):


fjbs_06.jpg I added the red arrow but I did not censor thier eyes I also know that we use the baracuda nets on our Strv 122's. Pretty good camouflage for beeing on a tank, and it's eliminating most of it's IR signature. Here's a pic of it:


Here's some info about it (for the soldier cammo, not the tank cammo): Barracuda Personal Camouflage Systems (PCS) has been developed to offer all soldiers including special operation forces a Signature Management tool that will provide protection as well as allow them to perform stealth operations in hostile territories. The Barracuda PCS are divided into three general categories: 1. Barracuda Personal Screen 2. Barracuda Personal Poncho 3. Barracuda Special Operations Tactical Suit (SOTACS) All above systems offer the soldiers cover from various reconnaissance systems currently available. The Poncho General Characteristics The Poncho has multispectral characteristics (VIS, NIR, TIR). The winter poncho also has UV properties. VIS/NIR characteristics blend with those of the surrounding background environment. The TIR (Thermal Infrared) signature: • Reduce detection in all climate conditions. • Obstruct thermal reconnaissance. • The imaginary temperature of the Poncho is not more than 4°C above ambient temperature. The ‘non-snagging’ construction allows a long service life for the system. The Poncho can be customized to the end-users wishes. The Poncho is ultra light and weighs approximately 1500 gr. The winter Poncho is single layered and weighs approximately 1000 gr. The Poncho is water resistant maintaining its ultra lightweight in wet weather conditions.

I also found out that the US army has bought these camouflage nets

Saab Barracuda LLC in Lillington, North Carolina, recently won an order worth 10 billion dollars, in addition to its ongoing long-term to provide the USA's army with ULCANS. "We are very pleased with this American order, which is the single biggest order in Barracuda's history", says Mats Warstedt, CEO of Saab Barracuda AB. "It is confirmation that our purchase of the American company earlier this year was the right one and that the American market is continuing to show strong growth". Saab Barracuda LLC, which was acquired from BAE Systems in 2002 and which is a fully owned subsidiary of Saab Barracuda AB, produces ultra-light camouflage netting systems. ULCANS prevents detection by enemy sensors in all environments and climates. The systems provide the American army with advanced protection against detection in the visual, near infrared, thermal infrared and the radar ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. Saab Barracuda AB is located in Gamleby, Sweden, where it develops, manufactures and markets signature-matched products for multi-spectral protection against detection and identification. The company is a world-leader in its field, with subsidiaries in five countries and representatives and customers in fifty countries. Saab is one of the world's leading high-technology companies operating primarily in the areas of defence and aerospace. There is in Saab a range of key skills and the capacity for systems integration.

The ULCANS system is not for soldiers though, here's pic of it:



Ugh, long post lol.