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3rd June 2002

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#1 15 years ago

For all of you who are having trouble connecting to gamesurge, use this server irc://


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16th May 2005

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#2 15 years ago

cya.gif ok thank you for telling us smilie.gif eekx.gif yeltongue.gif


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#3 15 years ago

Hmm, strange. As soon as I saw this, my IRC started acting up...Can you give a bit of a walkthrough for where to put this for us IRC n00bs out there?

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#4 15 years ago

You guys have IRC!? What's the ip? :)

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16th January 2004

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#5 15 years ago

ok, ill post the tutorials i wrote again :p connection tutorial

the1chaoshmm, its better to use a user friendly chat program, like mIRc. Basic connection guild for mIRC: 1. Download and install 2. Open the program 3. fill in these fields: Full Name: the name which will be displayed when people ask the server for info about you Email Adress: user@randomstuff NickName: your nickname Alternative: the nickname you will get when the first one is taken [note: make sure the user of the Email is the same as your Nickname, eg the1chaos@stuff - the1chaos] 4. click the flower next to the "Connect to Server" button IRC Network: All IRC Server: GameSurge - Random Server 5. Connect 6. When connected, type: /j #FileFront in the server window. this should get you in the channel. if you have any problems or questions, just ask. :)[/QUOTE] command tutorial
the1chaosbecause im bored - and i think some people can use it, i thought id write a basic command tutorial for mIRC. handy mIRC options: when started, go to tools -> options -> IRC check "Rejoin when kicked" and "Autojoin on invite" Commands: joining a channel: /join #channel /j #channel leaving a channel: /part #channel [message] click on the X in the corner :p actions: /me action new server: /server server /s server new server + new server window: /server -m server /s -m server list of all the channels: /list changing nickname: /nick newnick getting info about someone: /whois Nickname Server commands (registrating a nickname etc - different on each server) Registering a nickname: /as register Nickname Password Email /msg [email=""][/email] register Nickname Password Email logging in: /as auth Nickname Password /msg [email=""][/email] auth nickname password registering a channel: join #Registration and follow instructions the modes: Users: @ in front of the nick - mode +o these users are channel operators, they have power to edit the topic, the channel modes, kick and ban people, but allso to op and voice others. + in front of the nick - mode +v only to show they're special, this has no real use. the only use is people can talk when the channel has a +m mode. channel modes: +t only ops can change the topic +l the channel has a maximum number of users - usually against floods +m moderated - ops and voiced people can talk. +i you can only join the channel on invite +k the channel is protected by a key +n no external messages +s the channel is Secret - it wont show on /whois or /list +p the ancestor of +s - noone should use it, and noone knows why its still there. well, that should about cover the basics.
[quote=jeffbrak] You guys have IRC!? What's the ip? :)

its not a private network. its on GameSurge, #FileFront (GameSurge = Irc.GameSurge.Net)

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27th January 2004

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#6 15 years ago

I could connect to #filefront just fine, so I assume the problem is solved.



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26th November 2004

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#7 15 years ago

Well, GameSurge has been having a whole lot of problems lately. A netsplit just occured, actually, heh. I forget why, exactly, but somebody is apparently doing something wrong... Anyway, connecting to GameSurge should be fine, but don't expect to be able to stay connected for too long.

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#8 15 years ago

Its being DDoS'ed alot by some script kiddies or somthing like that. I guess that shows the fandom of GameSurge :p

i still say we get our own server.

Danny King | Editor-in-Chief | GameFront.comĀ 

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2nd April 2003

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#9 15 years ago

DeltaFor all of you who are having trouble connecting to gamesurge, use this server irc://[/QUOTE] thanks for that.

[quote=ft]i still say we get our own server.

or just hang out on ;)

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19th April 2004

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#10 15 years ago

move the FF channel to there then:p I had troube with disconnects ever hour or so and problems conecting to the server after I followed the directions.

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