Is it a sin to do what we want to? 21 replies

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#21 12 years ago
rebornintheglory;4716281Define sin. :)[/quote] Exactly.
Pethegreat;4716543The idea of sin is a tool that the ruling elite use to control people. There is no such thing at sin or good/evil. Everything is the same shade of gray. Good/evil and sin are man made tags that are attached to certain things and actions.[/quote]
AlDaja;4716553Too general. There is good and evil in the world. The level of sin assigned to evil is the scale each society goes by. Example, if I were to cut the throat of everyone in your family and made you watch while I violated their bodies, I'm pretty sure you'd consider me evil as would everyone else, I would and I'm pretty sure I'd hang for it.
[quote=Pethegreat;4716563]I may consider it an evil act since it is my family. But if my family ruled a nation who was committing genocide then slashing their throats and violating them would be something good to the people who were getting killed Good and evil are relative things. Hitler though that killing the Jews was a good thing. The rest of the world though otherwise. I invoked Goodwin's law. I win.
[quote=AlDaja;4716573]fair enough, but Hitler's opinion of good and evil cost him and the world much. Hitler also was not mentally stable so his concept of good and evil could not be applied to society, and because of his mental damage, Hitler's concept of the world fell way outside the realm of acceptable behavior. Goodwin would argue that using Hitler as an example violates his law as does using it to prove a non-point to an open ended subject...nice try, but anyways...

Yeah I don't really think there is anything as a sin or anything truly evil or truly good. An act becomes a sin only depending upon the context in which it is performed and that too only has society's defintion applied to it. I think at best a sin would be any act that is either useless, has no benefit, is detrimental or any combination of the 3. I mean hey you could kill people but it depends on which people you are killing whether something may be viewed as good or bad as PetheGreat stated in his post.


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#22 12 years ago

In an ideal world (which this is not), I would have thought anything done, which does not bring harm to another, would not be considered a sin. In a nutshell anyway.