Is it wrong to make fun of ppl who post pictures on the internet? 41 replies

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13th July 2004

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#41 12 years ago
AzH;4778112Actually, piss off ugly man.[/quote]Your Admin status has gone, you can't tell people what to do anymore. Sorry.
AzH;4778112Because you don't get homo from hom?[/quote]If you're going to insult people, you might as well attempt to do it properly.
AzH;4778112Me.[/quote]No. [quote=AzH;4778112]I'm awesome, a father and a regular player. I totally cope.
I pitty your kid. [quote=AzH;4778112]Oh piss off. Don't request to open a thread so you can (pretend to) defend yourself if all you have is the shite you posted so far.
I didn't request this thread to be reopened so I could defend myself. I asked it to be reopened so I could answer the question(s), and reply to some comments. I admit, that I am by far the best looking guy out there, but then, I personally don't think you are anything to shout about either. I don't know your current relationship status, but as you've stated already, you are a father, and a regular player. I can conclude by that, that you are a single father. This being the case, one must ask why the mother left. Maybe she found you hideous, and to make up for that, you feel the need to go out, and be a regular player with any who will have you? As for posting shite, I learnt from your time as Admin. [quote=AzH;4778112]I've delete my insults. Do yourself a favour and just give up. Don't reply to me, just add me to your ignore list or some shit. It's pathetic watching your attempts at a defence.

I have no need to an Ignore list. If I bother you that much, add me to yours and be done with it.

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#42 12 years ago

I don't think this is going anywhere.