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2nd November 2006

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#1 14 years ago

What isp are any of you people on i am using tiscali this person is using bulldog Bulldog, bigdog, ****dog... whoever,

Following another pointless phonecall to a gibbon with a headset, I've now been informed that all our problems will be resolved on (wait for it...).... the 4th (FOURTH).. of OCTOBER. This is according to a press release on the site. News to me, as the status page doesnt mention anything.... seems ODD that they would hide this information doesnt it? So the long overdue "fix" in the early hours of Monday and Friday this week were what exaclty?

I then asked to speak to customer support as I was informed there are only 5 in the queue.... bang.... straight in a number 11.... the fool cant even read a number right.

I am now hacked off to the point of death with your incompetance. You're product is $hit, your "customer service" is $hit, and you wont let me out of my contract that ends in November without making me pay the remainder.

I've been MORE than reasonable with your staff. I've been patient, understanding... cooperative... loyal... and have even defended you to the people I foolishly recommended your products to.

I will see out my contract with you, as I've better things to do than sit on a neverending phone trail.... but rest assured I will NOT be staying a day longer than 1 year. Upgrade me to 1Gbps for free, and I'd still leave you. Yes really.

Try being proactive with your network capacity, instead of waiting for the copper to melt with overload. I've never known so many screw ups in one contracted year. Last straw.

My speed tests would triple in figures by migrating to a yoghurt pot/cotton infrastructure. Go back to the 1960s where your lack of use, lack of customer service, and lack of clarity belongs. Mugs.