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#1 4 years ago

They're mostly for anime girls, but I have found a few examples in my real life, so here are the ones I know of. Tsundere: Basically the rude and cold loner that warms up over time. Kuudere: The aloof loner, blunt and cynical only occasionally showing a warm side. Dandere: The shy loner, silent and introverted until she's with only one other person, where she shows a warm side. (those three are very similiar, but it's basically the rude, the aloof and the shy loner) Kamidere: A person with a superiority complex, "kami" means "god", so kamidere think of themselves as gods. Yandere: A sweetie that turns murderous stalker when madly in love. DereDere: A sweetie that is always a sweetie, basically the childish cute girl that goes "kawaii" about everyone. Himedere: A mix between a slight kamidere and a tsundere, a cold princess-like girl. "Hime" means princess, after all. Coodere: Basically a lighter tsundere, "coo" is from "cool". She isn't as cold as a tsundere and has a bit of a fangirl side too. Undere: The cheerful girl that agrees with everything you say and often engages in bootlicking. Mayadere: Ex-killer who fell in love with her mark, but still jokes about killing them. The second part of all of them, "dere", means "sweet", "loving" etc etc. They're all loving in one way or another. Like I said, I have met a few people who fit one or two of these, has anyone else found anyone who fits? Or has one that is applicable to themselves?



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I know some of those words. Like "the" and "with".