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:cheer: Kerala, a land sprung from the sea, shows an extraordinary relationship between land and water. It is named as the land of rivers and backwaters. Kerala has an intricate network of lakes, lagoons, canals and backwaters. Over 900 km of this labyrinthine water world is navigable and flashes up vivid contrasts of lush green and deep blues at the same instant. This is the peculiarity of Kerala backwaters. Kerala backwaters create a unique ecosystem. Freshwater from the rivers meet with seawater, and unique species of aquatic life including crabs, frogs, king fishers, darters and turtles live in and along side Kerala backwaters. The largest backwater stretch here is the Vembanad Lake and it opens out into the sea at Kochi port. Ashtamudi, the second largest lake, covers the major part of Kollam district in the South, and is considered as the gateway to the backwaters. The singularity is not only in the nature of Kerala backwaters, it is present also in the exploration vehicle. The giant country crafts ‘Kettuvallams’ (houseboats) are adapted to make Kerala travel through backwaters, an unforgettable experience. Kettuvallam travel will also give an opportunity to taste the unique Kerala cuisine. Kerala Travel is incomplete without a cruise through the Kerala backwaters in Kettuvallam. :gizmo: