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#1 16 years ago

This ship comes from armada. It will be in the extreme2 for armada 2 if it is ever released. It's size is roughly that of a new orleans, with more speed and better manuvering.

Full explanation of weapons load out:

Torpedo type one: Kvort torpedo, 500 damage, green Type 2-Imperial quantum. 900 damage.

1 dorsal and ventral beam, 800 damage. 4 foreward beams, 600 damage 2 aft beams, 600 damage 1 torpedo tube for and aft. 5 shot fore, 4 shot aft. 20 second reload. 4 bop style pulse cannons.

the first pic shows the beam weapons in action: Beams.jpg

This one is a good shot of the ventral detail:


the aft beams: http://www.armadafleetcommand.com/~starforce2/pic/ghosqih/aft.jpg

Dorsal lighting: http://www.armadafleetcommand.com/~starforce2/pic/ghosqih/Dorsal_full_shadow.jpg http://www.armadafleetcommand.com/~starforce2/pic/ghosqih/Dorsal_shadow.jpg http://www.armadafleetcommand.com/~starforce2/pic/ghosqih/Dorsal_star_view.jpg

The Imperial quantum in action: http://www.armadafleetcommand.com/~starforce2/pic/ghosqih/Imperial_Quantum.jpg