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#1 17 years ago

I want to start a new modelling team, don’t know what I'm name it though!

Anyway I'm quite good at modelling, but not a texturing, or scripting. So if your good or would like to either texture or script some kool ships plz leave a reply to this thread, mail, or IM me.

I can make mods, which would be totally self installing - expect for you telling it where your BC folder is.

If you want to join as another modeller then, fine. One thing is needed if you want to texture the ships; 3Ds MAX, or u must have a way for u to nif the ship, because I have G MAX and therefore cannot nif anything! :'(

So far I have made two ships & a third is on the way. None of these ships have been nifed yet and only one of them is textured.

I have attached a picture for all three ships.