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#1 3 months ago

Right, I have nothing against fireworks per-say, I think they look nice, they're pretty spectacular at organised displays, and events like WWE or whatever.

But here in the UK it's coming up to bonfire night, and every supermarket and corner shop is basically selling bombs to anyone who wants one. For £50 you can have a box of shit explosives that go off with a crappy fizzle or bang, and they're being sold to ANYONE, most worrying, children.

Now apart from being expensive and shit, they're being used as missiles, bombs, and weapons, by children as young as 13 years old, on the streets, I've seen this myself.

I wonder does the USA have similar issues around July 4th, for example?

Frankly I think they should be licensed or banned altogether except for professional displays, it's insane that this happens to me.

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#2 3 months ago

Children as young as 13 should not be able to buy them. Legally you need to be over the age of 18 to buy fireworks: https://www.gov.uk/fireworks-the-law

Whoever is selling them to under 18's needs a good audit and a fine as they're dangerous even for adults.

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#3 3 months ago

God damn, I'm sick to death of this 'ban everything' culture that pervades the UK now. Every time a child scratches itself with something, the thing that did the scratching is banned. 

Fireworks are dangerous. Knives are dangerous. Cars are dangerous. Dickheads misuse them, children get their hands on them, and innocent people get hurt. You can make a pretty decent flamethrower using a can of deodorant spray and any old cigarette lighter, too. I've tried it. That slug didn't know what hit it.

Short of banning literally everything,  that's not a thing that's ever going away. If Alien is anything to go by, you can apparently murder someone with a rolled-up magazine some-fucking-how (seriously, what was going on in that scene?). 

Stop selling fireworks to kids. Put a system in place to actually enforce that restriction. Heavily penalise anybody who lets one get into a child's hands. Make it so absurdly hazardous to one's finances and/or continued freedom to allow a child to get hold of fireworks in the first place, and children will stop getting their hands on fireworks. 

Done. Anything more than that is totalitarian nonsense, and pretty soon we're going to have fuck-all left to do. 

Seriously, banning shit isn't a solution to anything. If parents are raising children who weaponise fireworks and use them against other people, the problem isn't with the fucking fireworks. How could anybody possibly think that's the solution here? CHILDREN ARE DELIBERATELY SHOOTING FIREWORKS AT OTHER HUMAN BEINGS! Those children are still going to grow up to be violent criminals, fireworks or no. Figure out how and why they're weaponising fireworks at all, and do something about that instead.

Won't somebody please stop thinking of the children for a while? I'm done. I'm tired of every public policy in this country having something to do with children. I'm tired of tens of billions of pounds of my money going on shit-kids. I'm tired of every politician campaigning for 'hardworking families', while completely ignoring those of us who were smart enough to wrap up. I'm tired of the tax system being geared entirely towards people who've discovered that sperm is a thing. We can't have anything nice because some idiots are stupid enough to forgo contraceptives and then fail to raise half-decent members of society. It's getting absurd. Banning shit isn't the answer, either.

Just sterilise the fuckers and have done with it, if banning stuff is a solution. Kids are the only common thread in all of these things, after all.

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