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7th November 2003

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#11 13 years ago

It used to be only in the moh section where everybody just knew what you were talking about. But now, these kids just, I don't know.. Changed.


Promiscuous Girl

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6th July 2005

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#12 13 years ago

I just ran things togeather, and made a lot of stupid comments in my posts. @Dread, was FileJune an admin here?



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29th November 2003

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#13 13 years ago

I loved irritating KillorLive and some others back in the old days, I'll have to admit I was borderline offensive.:uhm:

I also used to need to look up every second word in a dictionary (and still managed to e.g. write "Americans" with a "k"), which caused my rather long posts, that often were quite a bit off-topic, to take a small eternity to write. :p



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15th December 2004

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#14 13 years ago

My posts havent really changed but they have gotten a little better, but I'm still making spelling mistakes all over the place. And English is my primary language.


RogueDevil / Rogue Angel

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29th May 2003

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#15 13 years ago

I refuse to revisit my earliest posts for fear of self combustion due to extreme loathing.

I havent really changed much after the first 1000 or so though.


A new sense of nuisance.

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8th December 2003

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#16 13 years ago

I called AzH a silly bear because apparently I forgot to upload an image. He asked where is the image, and I replied "It's on the post you silly bear".

The funny thing was, AzH was nice to me even though my imbecile actions was obvious.


Italicised no more

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14th August 2004

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#17 13 years ago

Not that I've been around much to have posts that are really "old", I do remember one time in the C&C modding forum someone asked a question about how to change some unit to explode in a different way. My answer was something like "Well, find the code that tells the unit how to explode how it does, and change it to how the nuke cannon (I think) weapon explodes - copy paste it." The funny thing is I remember I wrote it seriously and thought I was helping the guy at the time!


90% sarcastic

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9th July 2003

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#18 13 years ago

Lol if anything i've become more of an asshole that I used to be.

Dreadnought[DK] VIP Member

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7th March 2003

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#19 13 years ago
Dr.Fritz@Dread, was FileJune an admin here?

yeah FJ was an admin here back when i registered.

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19th April 2004

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#20 13 years ago
Lord Wiener OMFG WHALE Pr0N!!!!! Did this one while I was doing my internship in France.

Oh why, why did I have to look at it? It is so long and big. You have scarred me foever.

Formalities anyone? :p

That expains why you got where you are now:p

If you look back at my older posts from 2004(seems like I joined a year ago) you will see I was a total n00b. I spammed anywhere I could post. I made little sense in my posts, and broke some rules. You name it I have done it:p. Thankfully I have gotten better with my posting. I still can't spell extremly good, and I am too ingorant to use spell check.