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#31 13 years ago

I don't think I changed a lot since I joined up, I probably pay a little more attention to my spelling and grammar now though. The one big change is when I became moderator (of the pub), I became more and more strict by the day, then relaxed a little bit more after a few weeks and got promoted to SuperModerator. There I became rather strict after a long period of time too (I'm afraid I can't go into details)but relaxed a bit more. Same happend when I became admin I think but I never have been as strict in that role though as I was in my days as SuperModerator Naz... I mean.. yeah. :lookaround: Right now I like the motto of "funfunfun" best, enjoy yourself, have fun but if you break the rules more and piss me off I will still break your neck!".

Kođ»sakoffIt used to be only in the moh section where everybody just knew what you were talking about. But now, these kids just, I don't know.. Changed.

Or you changed. ;)