Lots of Fun Things Happening At My College Right Now. 12 replies

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22nd May 2008

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#11 8 years ago

Argh Kyle... something to look back on bro, as long as youre cuttin the grades and keepin'it real, fuck everything else mate :)

You'll look back one day and say to your kids... I WENT THERE :D

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29th May 2008

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#12 8 years ago


3 years ago at my high school we had an IT technician called Mark who looked like a typical computer geek; fat, sweaty, glasses, ugly face, big lips, couldn't talk properly-the lot. Anyway he looked like a pedo so all the kids came up with the original and ingenius name of 'pedo Mark', I know clever right? Anyway he eventually got fired and put in prison for molesting a couple of kids at our school.

Creepy huh.


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#13 8 years ago

thanks for sharing _________

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