Meaning of your "REAL" name? 71 replies

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25th August 2003

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#61 15 years ago

. Angus - Celtic god of love and beauty; patron deity of young men and women Aengus, Angus Og, Oengus Emerald Isle, Hibernia, Ireland - an island comprising the republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland Celtic deity - a deity worshipped by the Celts hmmmmmmmmmmm


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1st July 2004

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#62 15 years ago

Joseph is a given name originating from Hebrew, recorded in the Hebrew Bible, as יוֹסֵף, Standard Hebrew Yosef, and Tiberian Hebrew Yôsēp̄. In Arabic, including in the Qur'an, the name is يوسف or Yūsuf. The name can be translated from Hebrew as signifying "The Lord will increase/add".

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19th January 2003

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#63 15 years ago

Mihail means one who is like god.


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20th February 2003

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#64 15 years ago

Gabriel (גַּבְרִיאֵל, Standard Hebrew Gavriʼel, Tiberian Hebrew Gaḇrîʼēl, Arabic جبريل Ǧabrīl) appears first in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. He is an angel who serves as a messenger from God. The name Gabriel can mean "man of God", "God has shown himself mighty", or "hero of God." In Christianity, he is known as one of the three some religions: Gabriel is an archangel who serves as a messenger from God. He is sometimes regarded as the angel of death, the prince of fire and thunder, but more frequently as one of God's chief messengers, and traditionally said to be the only angel that can speak Syriac and Chaldee. Gabriel is sometimes associated with the color Blue, the direction East, or the element Water. His horse is named Haizum. Gabriel also finds mention in the writings of the Bahá'í Faith, most notably in Bahá'u'lláh's metaphysical work The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys. This is kind of nice.


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17th September 2003

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#65 15 years ago

My real name means 'better than you'.



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9th December 2004

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#66 15 years ago

Matthew is the English form of the Hebrew name, Mattathiah. Originally it meant “Gift of the Lord." Hehehehe... Kinda ironic, aint it... I'm atheist...:D

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7th August 2004

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#67 15 years ago

Real Name: Emil [color=Black]"industrious" (Latin) or "work" (Teutonic) or possibly from the Roman family name Aemilius, which means "rival"[/color]


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19th December 2004

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#68 15 years ago

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28th July 2002

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#69 15 years ago


It is of Hebrew Origin, found in the Bible (Where my parents got it from)

Means "Gift from God"

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30th March 2003

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#70 15 years ago


GRANT Gender: Masculine Usage: English, Scottish Pronounced: GRANT [key] Extra Info: Popularity From a Scottish surname which was derived from Norman French grand meaning "great, large". A famous bearer of the surname was Ulysses Grant, the commander of the Union forces during the American Civil War.