Michael Jackson Dead...? 245 replies

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9th August 2003

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#241 10 years ago

My goodness, people. He's dead. Even when he was alive there were the people who liked his music and the rest of the world who didn't, including all the goat herders in outer mongolia.

Can't the issues ever rest?


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29th January 2005

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#242 10 years ago

Lord Wiener;4970785My goodness, people. He's dead. Even when he was alive there were the people who liked his music and the rest of the world who didn't, including all the goat herders in outer mongolia.

Can't the issues ever rest?

Maybe someone should lock this thread and anything related to him for the next few months?

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#243 10 years ago

/me listens to some michael jackson.

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24th April 2003

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#244 10 years ago

GNR Unbreakable;4970602Dude why are you so crucial? It either is or it is'nt with you? why black or white?

Just stand back man and don't take life so serious.[/QUOTE]

You are the one crying over his death, I remind you again.

Commissar MercZ;4970671 You can bitch and moan about him being evil, but I don't see you devoting your life to try and help others. [/QUOTE] You can build a utopian playground in every country in the world. But you destroy it all when you touch kids. He really didnt "devote his life", it was just something he did.

And what have YOU done to help others?

Commissar MercZ;4970671 If we were to judge people for every bad thing they did, I can give a list of many highly regarded historical figures who have bad sides to them. [/QUOTE] Was he a good person? Before he touched kids, sure. I dont see how being a boy hungry pedophile is excused because he gave money to help people. That doesnt "erase" the action.

Warforger;4970776Yes, but so did so many other artists and actors, I mean Farrieh fought against Cancer and she doesn't even get front page!

Exactly. How about Walter Cronkite?

[QUOTE=Commissar MercZ;4970783] My point is however that MJ wasn't a wholly evil man like some have insinuated, and I'm merely point out that we can't simply toss out all that.

I didnt "insinuate", I flat out said so. Nomatter the things you do in life for other people for good, you destroy it by being a child molestor. They are the scum of society. Even in prison, serial killers, gang members, etc, all are above you on a hierarchy.

[QUOTE=Commissar MercZ;4970783] The man shouldn't have touched children, but that being said, should it be the only thing judged against him? To call him things like "evil" I think is just hypocritical.

Then you condone child molestation. Do you have kids, BTW?

[QUOTE=Commissar MercZ;4970783] What people should take away from him is a very poignant lesson, as Francis Bacon once said.

That you can do horrible things to a child and get away with it because you gave money to people.

Im done with this thread.


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31st December 2005

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#245 10 years ago

GNR Unbreakable;4970031Ok lets just take a step back and look at this person.

Young with a voice that struck people as magical. So for one second lets just hear this voice as a science project, he can raise his voice like no other in that way. If we were at war and he was told to shout across a battlefield, you would hear him. He is almost like a blurp of science, it's rare these days to have a voice like that and then it's declared as a talent then a celebrity.

Come on this is human evolution, he is talented because life gave it him from evolution whatever way that happened. Though that does'nt mean i don't love him, he is awesome! love him

Hunters have good ways of finding food, because of survival.

Life really is'nt that complex, simple.

Oh please, his voice was nothing special, he made music for christ sake, 1000's upon 1000's of people do that, he then dropped out of the public spot light for a bit, then how did he get back in it?

He Slept with children.

Now you can deny it all you want, but he openly admits he had special 'sleepovers' with children, anyone else would of been put in prison for Peadophilia but no not Michael jackson, why? because he was famous, whether he touched said children is controversial but either way, he had issues, and in my eyes he is a peadophile for sleeping with them, good riddance.

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26th May 2003

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#246 10 years ago

This has gone on for long enough without really going anywhere. He's dead, subject closed. :lock: