MMORPG players are not very bright. 45 replies

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3rd July 2004

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#41 14 years ago
But now i play for about hour and a half and then i go out, i mean, how can u play games while there's such a beautiful sunny weather outside... i really dont understand that...

Because I only need 12 more Murloc fins to level! Like most people pointed out, every game has mass fanboys. And in Asia MMORPGS are the equivelant of football. People have killed over here plenty because of football, and its the same over there. Hard to understand, but thats how to view it.


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5th August 2004

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#42 14 years ago

Whenever I hear of these things I notice it's mostly Asians. Are they nuts? Mack


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29th May 2003

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#43 14 years ago

Nope, theyre not nuts. I dont play too games too much anymore. I spend too much time going out and enjoying myself in the real world. That applys to forums too. Spending hours on a forum is just silly. GO OUTSIDE. Even if its raining. Get some friends, and get a life.


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22nd October 2004

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#44 14 years ago

That loser deveres to ROT IN HELL I hope that mother fuc*ker dies a slow painful death. He KILLED another person! Come on... ROT DAMNIT ROT IN HELLL!!!madx.gif:smokin:pwned.gif


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13th March 2005

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#45 14 years ago

in my previous post i forgot to mention something about...

DavetheFo Spending hours on a forum is just silly.[/QUOTE] Yes. Spediing hours infront of a screen watching people talk IS just silly, when you could be doing this at a party, a bar, anywhere, which one good thing about forums is that theres more people and they are all over. As for GAMES though, a lot of people I met, usually play certain games on certain servers, and surprisingly-with people they know in real life. And yes, some of which spend HOURS upon HOURS of playing any type of game. Although I must admit people spend more hours of MMOs, well, because they are massive, and not just leveling but most of the time MMOs are so big you can spend weeks just looking about. For example, I can say with first hand knowledge, this is what i did for about a year on EQ. I explored, got tradeskills up, but i never got past LVL 28 (out of 65). And yet, even though i spent so much time doing everything BUT leveling, there is so much more to be see, and stories to be heard. YES stories. Its a game but its got history as well, some of which quite interesting and funny. [QUOTE=DavetheFo] Get some friends, and get a life.

As for this statement, I have to say this. I myself am a very lonely person. Although I do go out, I dont have many friends...that I can actually meet. Although people will say spending time on the computer talking to other people, some "inexperianced" people think thay they are not real. When in fact, believe it or not, people on the net are real. Although the fact is is that some people prefer people they can actually see then to those that they cannot, some people, many people (such as myself) , have very few people to turn to, or talk to at all in "reality". So my point is, whats worse? having freinds or not having freinds to talk to? Or, replace "freinds" with "people". My point is that EVERYONE needs someone, be it in "real" life, or the net, to talk to, to grow strength from and to learn from their mistakes. This brings me to my next point... The phrase "get a life". Although I hear it is very common, I think people dont realize what a "life" is. And to put it this way, I cannot tell you what a "life" is. Why cant I? because its meaning is different to everyone. But if I ABSOLUTELY had to put its meaning, i will put it this way. I find that another word people commonly relate to the word "life" and put in the phrase above, is the word normal. Although life has many meanings, when put into such a phrase as "get a life" , i think the common misconception is that people think that whatever that persons life is like, it is not "normal". But what is normal? Sane? Happy? Politically Correct?. Another word that I believe has many definitions among people. My point being that why should someone "get a life". I think everyone has heard this, especially when they are refering to people on the computer. As the aforementioned paragraph on the freinds subject, i think it applies here as well, to a point. What I mean is that although everyone needs a person, everyone needs a purpose as well. That it be a job, a hobby, just something to do, and I think that people refer people on computers as being lazy, stupid, or smart-especially computer and internet savvy, and labeling them as "abnormal". My point being is that some people find purpose on the internet, especially in some games. And a reason they play their games, or surf the net, is to find and communicate with people, which I find to be an appropriate form or "purpose". Also, people Imply that people on the net have "problems". Well, everyone has problems, and to find a person anywhere without a problem in their life would be amazing, but i personally doubt there ever will be someone like that. Anyway for people that have actually beared with me, my two long informative post have come to an end. I just have to say I myself spend a lot of time on the computer, and although Im sorting things out for myself, I would have never conjured such a long post like this if it wasnt for my time with people in places like this. I have a strong respect for people that are on the net, especially gamers. And I find it more often the media and a lot of, what I refer to as "inexperianced" people, that they are judging people on the net and some games poorly, and not giving them the respect that should be there for everyone.



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26th November 2004

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#46 14 years ago

It's a pretty subjective thing, usually. I'm fine with anything a person does as long as they're not hurting anyone else in the process, so somebody living his/her whole life on the Internet generally wouldn't bother me at all. Then again, I almost do that, so I suppose my opinion doesn't count...