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#11 8 years ago

OK, so he'd probably want the biggest (common) sized one, which would have the lowest ratio/largest scale, so 1:200. Do your own arithmetic. It's 238.6 feet long, which means the formula would be 238.6 /200

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#12 8 years ago

SuperSmeg;5592440A: It's for my stepfather, not a friend. B: He's a bigger idiot than I am. He doesn't know the scale sizes. He only builds them. He doesn't keep the boxes. He just asked me to get a big A380 model, and with no frame of reference, and no sizes in inches on boxes, I have no idea what I am doing. C: There are no model shops in my town. None at all. And searching on Amazon or any other model kit site, gives me no frame of reference if I have never had any experience with scale model sizes.

So you can understand why I am getting frustrated over this! :mad:

If he doesn't know anything about models then you probably can't go wrong by just choosing any. But yeah, as Crazy Wolf said, just take the length of the plane in feet, multiply with 12 for inches and multiply with the scale ratio, which even Amazon will list in the product name for models.

Example for 1:144 scale: 380 model length in inches=240*12*(1/144)

Wing span might be a better value though as the length over all includes the angled tail section. The A380 is also a special case in that it isn't very long but has a very wide wing span.

So if you want to be a really cool stepchild measure the wingspan of one of the models he has. Figure out which model it is, look up its real wing span, divide real wing span by measured wing span. Then you have the scale which will fit to at least one of his existing models. Then when he puts his new A380 into his collection he won't get any nasty surprises such as a Sptfire which is 5 times as large.

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