My most Humble Apologies to Sci-Fi Dreamyards 1 reply

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6th July 2002

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#1 18 years ago

I had no idea that the guys at Sci-Fi dreamyards had put so much work on those ships, and I just want to say that I'm sorry. I was simply hoping to make what seemed to be shoddy work, and make it better. Thats just what I like to do.

I would like to ask Sci-Fi Dreamyards permsission to release these files, as I have worked on them since the Star Wars Ships came out. Will someone at Sci-Fi Dreamyards please e-mail me at [email][/email] so that I may send you my hardpoint files for your approval.

And one has to wonder how someone can copyright something made by Lucasarts and the game made by Activision. The hardpoints were done from scratch, so they can't be an infringement of any copyrights. (EDIT) And for those that are wondering, yes I made and edited my own laser projectiles, over a dozen of them. I also edited a few of your sound effects with Cool Edit Pro 2.0 or replaced them with movie clips I recorded myself. So I have put forth a large effort, and I hope that someone may benefit from my work.(/EDIT)

I had no idea that my actions would anger anybody, and I only wanted to make an already great mod even better. Again, my most humblest of apologies to all offended parties.

Sincerely, DG_Serendipity Fleet XO of the Dark Guard [email][/email]

(EDIT) P.S. So obviously all my ship packs will have to be delayed. :( I apologise to anyone who was waiting patiently for them to come out (DG_Sobek). (/EDIT)

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9th July 2002

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#2 18 years ago

well talk to Executioner in privat .. AND YOU SHOULD EMAIL HIM! The worse wounds your words left are in his attitude. Hmm well Starforce told me not to talk about these things in this forum, because this has nothing to do with modding .. but to make it clear .. To ask for permission befor releasing was by far not the reason for our reaction .. your words and decribtion on the mods and the month of work and hours even weeks of testing and develloping the SW gameplay system left the wounds. k no more comments by Dreamyards on this topic .. talk to Exe in privat not in a forum until this not permission for the release!