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10th June 2006

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#1 10 years ago

This is meant to have a symbolic meaning.

OOPS that's poem.

The red organ plays a rhythmic tune . Up threw the pipes vibrant energy echoes and each note renounces the passing moment. A roaring quire is as silent as whispers. Light shines threw the stained glass view, and the stories depicted in stain are well known. . It is pouring now, but the view is stained , and it can not be seen. The scripture was once pleasant but it is now dry and the substance of it flaking apart . Many have dragged mud, and filth to this presence . The ghostly quire passionately roars but the pleads of the preacher are too loud for the quire to be heard beyond a meager whisper ! The conflict of both damn the man stuck in his pew ! For he can not hear the spirited tunes which bring the meaning to the presence of the living (spirituality ) . And, he can not hear the words of the wise preacher because he is trying to listen to the sound of the quire as he follows the rhythm of the red organ. The quire has many a folk but all have much in common . So many are distant from the rhythm of the red organ , and the sound of the quire, the sound of spirit and praise is often replaced with a crude silent whisper, barely audible . He loses focus of what the preacher has to say as he struggles to regain harmony and rhythm to all the red organ, the praiseful and spiritual quire , also the wise preacher's message itself. All sight beyond this site is buried deep behind stains and old stories . The storm can not be seen. The quire sometimes disappears all together. When the storm awakens and gives a heavy growl. That is about the time the preacher sits down and takes his temporarily rest. Assured however as soon as that quire starts again, the storm quiets down, the preacher starts once again . The organ never stops . The man always listening can no longer hear . Nor can he escape the damned. But perhaps one day he shall see himself out in the rain .