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20th October 2002

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#1 18 years ago

Ok, I know I should put this in the mod request post, But its like seven pages and it will probably never be seen.

1. SULIBON CELL SHIPS!!!! After Shockwave and Future tense, Somebody HAS to make these AWESOME little ships. They cant be that hard to make. A little smaller than the Enterprise E Shuttle. One yellow phaser. And it should be balanced against The Nx-01 Made by rick knox.

2. Tholian "Arrowships" As I like the call them. One blue phaser and 1 powerful torpedo that can collapse Hull plating and damage a system. To rick knox's NX-01. As seen in Future tense.

3. Vulcan Cruisers. We have seen them in Shockwave, and cease fire, And in Future Tense. They should be heavyly Armed, at least 3 blue phasers, Torpedoes... Enough to destroy a RK NX-01. I assume they are more powerful because Enterprise keeps Running to saftly towards one.

4. Enterprise Shuttlepod - One phaser, Two pityfull Pulse cannons near the wings. I Dont think its to much to ask for.

5. Klingon Raptor - Seen in sleeping dogs

6. That Sweet Pirate ship in Flight or fight. The one that looks like a breen ship. About 4 -5 green phasers. And decent shields.

7. Silent enemy Green ship. Looks so very kick-but. About 2 or three pulse phasers. Should be able to fly circles around RK NX-01.

8. The different parts to the prometheous. (Listen, i dont care if it can seperate or not. I would really like just three differetn ships. Same goes for the Galaxy class ships.)

9. World peace.