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15th September 2004

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#11 14 years ago

I hope you get through this ok.

We've had some hard pet losses in the near past ourself, and it hit especially hard on my little brother.

He lost one cat to a dryer accident, then the cat we got afterwards (I hate to say replacement cat) died mysteriously weeks ago. Furthermore, we put our 16 year old grey tabby down because she had a number of illnesses. In August, we had 4 cats. We only have 1 now. We gave 2 away and the other died (the mysterious circumstance).

We hope to get another cat in the future, thought. It's sort of still too early, though.

But, yeah, when you become attached to an animal, letting go of it can be very hard.


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29th August 2004

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#12 14 years ago

I feel for ya man, dogs are a mans best friend, I don't even wanna think about when I loose my dog. She is 5 now so I figure at the worst I still have another 5 years or so with her. One of the most traumatic experiences Ive had was when I was mountain biking in the bush, I had just come out of the trail to the highway, I saw a dog crossing the road and as soon as I seen him somehow I knew something bad was about to happen. Sure enough a car plowed into the poor thing, only the little guy didnt die instantly, both of his back legs got caught in the undercarriage of the car, and were almost torn off. In shock the dog ran into the bush and the careless driver just sped off. I followed the poor thing into the bush and when I caught up to him I seen the damage had been done, he was bleeding all over the place. I told my buddy to go get his pickup truck and I just laid down next to the poor thing and petted him. He didnt look to be in pain and he wasnt wimpering or anything, he just laid there and let me pet him. We wrapped him up in a blanket and I rode with him in the box of the pickup to the nearest vet clinic. Im pretty sure with the extent of the damage that they would have put him down but im comforted today knowing that because of me and my friend, that dog did not have to die slowly alone in the bush.


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17th November 2006

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#13 14 years ago

It's worth spending any amount to have even just a little more time with a pet you have had for years.:dread2: I hope she gets through it painlessly


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26th February 2004

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#14 14 years ago

Poor dog. :( That's a shame to hear that happened. I'd do the same as you and pay to get it removed. I hope she holds on for as long as possible.


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18th June 2006

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#15 14 years ago

Jesus, I feel really sorry for you. I would have made the same choice, and I think that you have done the right thing.


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8th August 2004

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#16 14 years ago

Damn sorry to hear about your dog. It was a good choice for the surgery though, you still have a around a year with her.


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8th October 2004

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#17 14 years ago

I'm sorry to hear this :( I have a dog myself and I'm very close with it too. It's really a pain to lose your dog. I wish you all the best and ofcourse the dog :(

How old is she now?

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27th January 2004

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#18 14 years ago

She looks like a beautiful dog. I'm really sorry to hear about this, Mullet, but I think you made the best decision.


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15th September 2006

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#19 14 years ago

thats a sad stroy, i would have made the same decition. i love my dog and if i was to see her go, i would be devistated, i love her so much. i hope your dog lives way longer then the vet said. also i sujest rikee just sit with ur dog laying down, and hold ur hand above the infected areas. it will help, trust me.


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26th July 2004

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#20 14 years ago

yeah that really sucks having a pet die, that why i dont want any anymore, after my dog died. she was having seizures a few weeks before then one tuesday afternoon, my mom yelled to me shes not moving, i guess i kinda confirmed she was gone, RIP cleo