My Steam account is stolen 15 replies

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17th August 2007

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#11 11 years ago

you must have had a lot of games for someone to want to hack your account. but i dont see the point in doing that. wouldnt be easier to torrent a game or something? sounds easier to me.


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#12 11 years ago

people steal accounts when they have been banned for cheating & such.

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#13 11 years ago

N88TR;4943910So it's x_C_uLoeds93=#1sf#$L8r?

I knew it!

That's actually a really cool password, I might use that in the future!




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#14 11 years ago

That's what passwords SHOULD BE.





or some dumb shit like that.


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8th June 2009

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#15 11 years ago

What to do now: > Immediatly Contact Steam and explain what has happened > Follow their orders the might still be able to do something

ADDITIONAL: If STEAM askes your username and cdkey or password you MUST suply them with this information to get your account back

What will happen: His IP will be banned and your account restored (with a changed password steam will give you).


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#16 11 years ago

Did you by any chance enter your steam information anywhere?

It's rare for accounts to get "Stolen". In most cases it's accidentally giving out your info.

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