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21st October 2004

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#1 8 years ago

Has anyone ever tried to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)? It happens every November, and every November I find I'm too busy to participate.

I'd love to participate some year. Even if I had to change my own rules and not really meet their demands (ie: shooting for 100 pages instead of 175).

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16th January 2004

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#2 8 years ago

I actually might, I've heard of it but I'm not sure of the actual terms for it. I've been dabbling in writing lately, and a 50,000 word story doesn't sound too bad. Especially considering some of the plots I have lying around anyway.

I just don't like the idea of quantity over quality. :uhm:

Edit: Okay, if I'd write a novel, I don't think I'd put it on there, or write it specifically for that site. The entire "if you compete, you're a winner!" thing is just a little too much for me. I'd rather upload it to the forums here, so I could at least get some feedback.


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#3 8 years ago

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