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In this globalised era, there is an increasing necessity for maintaining a consistent health and safety standard throughout the world. NEBOSH is one of the best training courses, which has set a yardstick in the field of workplace safety-training courses. NEBOSH International Diploma Courses provide skills for employees who prefer to pursue a career in managing workplace safety. NEBOSH International Diploma Courses are offered in many countries through accredited course providers. They have excellent trainers with years of experience in training employees about workplace safety. NEBOSH certification is recognised by world’s biggest health and safety organization IOSH. Students are provided IOSH Graduate membership after they successfully complete NEBOSH International Diploma Course. Due to the increase in the number of workplace accidents, many companies have set NEBOSH International Diploma as the basic qualification for their employees. This has increased the job opportunities for the employees who possess NEBOSH certification. NEBOSH International Diploma courses include NEBOSH International General Certificate and NEBOSH National General Certificate. nebosh international diploma courses are globally accredited. The employees, who successfully complete NEBOSH courses will be safety vigilant and they can avoid workplace disasters with the skills they acquired through the training. There are two options to get trained in NEBOSH courses. The employee can enrol for a fulltime NEBOSH course where he/she will have to be physically present in the class or a distant education course where he/she will be provided access to knowledge database through remote access. In both cases, the trainee will be allotted a tutor to walk him through the course content.