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16th January 2008

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#21 10 years ago
She sounds rather...flip-floppy. Somebody you don't want to get hooked up with, usually.


I would see how things play out later that week or month and see if she is acts any different, if not, then she seems like a moody person. If she does have a change in behavior then maybe she likes you, maybe not. It's hard to tell ...



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2nd October 2006

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#22 10 years ago

You should get naked infront of her, that will work.


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10th February 2004

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#23 10 years ago

I think sometimes girls just want to fuck with your mind and see how you'll react to the crazy stuff they do so they can judge the waters and plan their next moves. Like if you started kissing her like crazy after the candy bit she might not talk to you on MSN, or maybe she'd want to go further than kissing... no telling when girls are acting frisky.


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#24 10 years ago

offer to have sex with her.



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26th June 2008

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#25 10 years ago

I was referring to Aeroflot's post at the end of page 1.

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14th February 2006

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#26 10 years ago

Dont give her the attention she craves. Let her stew in her own feelings for a few days. Then see if she comes back to you. If she does, your golden. If she doesnt, kill her family and frame her.

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26th May 2003

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#27 10 years ago

What would you be aiming to gain from raising the issue with her again? She sounds like she's too flakey to be worth going after romantically, and an apology isn't like it's going to buy you a cup of coffee. It doesn't strike me you stand to gain anything from the conversation. My advice is to just live with it, get some Ben and Jerry’s and watch some war movies or something. Anger goes away.


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2nd May 2003

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#28 10 years ago

Shit I gots B&J and Jurassic Park, actually, and right now.

Well, not right now. I've still got to finish translating Das Urteil into English.


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1st November 2007

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#29 10 years ago