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#41 14 years ago
1. How many hours do you sleep every night?

Weekdays; 9 hours, Weekends; 7 Hours

2. In the past week, how often have you dreamed?


3. In the past month, how often have you dreamed?

Maybe once

4. Is there a constant theme about your dreams? (Y/N)


5. If Yes to number 5, what is the theme?

Girls :)

6. Generally, how often do you dream? (Rarely, Sometimes, Most Nights, All the time)


7. Do you sleep in warm temperatures or cold temperatures?

It depends - it is warm in Summer and Cold in Winter. I have think sheets if that is what you mean.

8. What time do you go to bed, on average?

Sunday-Thursday 11pm, Friday & Saturday usually 2am

9. What activity do you do right before bedtime?

Reading a good novel

10. Do you take a shower before you go to bed (Y/N)?


11. Do you sleep with pets?


12. Do you believe your dreams mean something?

Not in a spiritual way. Your dreams are your subconcious thoughts screwing with each other.

13. On average, what is your most common dream?

I never usually remember them.

14. Do you dream early in your sleeping period or late?

Late I guess. I usually wake up during them in the morning.

15. Do you wake up in the middle of the night, interrupting a dream, then go back asleep and mentally continue the dream?

No I don't think I continue to dream after waking up. [EDIT]Damn I didn't realise it was over. Ah well. Everyone point and laugh.[/EDIT]