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23rd November 2002

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#1 4 years ago

So, forgive me for a bit of a rant here. I'm just venting, so you don't have to read this.

Through recent experiences I have learned what value friends brings to one's life. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn

Now I find myself being influenced by an 80 year old Puritanical Pharisee. Her words of wisdom astound me. Just now I attempted to discuss an article in a magazine she recommended. Her words on discussing articles is that discussion decreases the value of the information. Ergo: collaboration = stupidity, or "one head is better than two".

The woman is full of terrible advice, and a complete lack of understanding. She advised the best way to develop a social life is to be a wall flower. That the best way to make a true friend, is to never divulge any personal information. She told me not to waste time choosing an college, the quality of the school didn't matter, time was of the essence. She is a college graduate. We argued for months on how much I should spend on a vehicle, for her to accept the first offer, which was double what I was willing to pay.

The woman calls herself a "Christian", but doesn't believe in tithing to the church she is a member of. She calls herself a "Christian", but judges everybody on every little deviation from her standard of perfection (she assumes everybody that matters is doing the same thing). She is counting on me to "redeem" the family (I have told her that I don't believe in God, but she cannot accept it,...).

My father is financially inept, so I have been staying with my great Aunt for the last few years hoping to be able to launch out on my own. I've been allowing this woman to speak into my life for the last four years. She is an insecure coward, not a mature adult.

I've realised that there is this herd mentality. People really are sheep, they are lemmings. People go with the flow. The people I am surrounded by are going in a direction I do not wish to go. They accept things I cannot accept, they fear things I do not fear. I do not understand how these people reason, but I have spent 29 years listening to their guidance, and I've ended up with a life that has no meaning to me.

I do things differently than most, for different reasons. When I come seeking advice, nobody can understand my motives. Since they cannot understand my motives, they cannot give useful advice. Are TED talks truly of no value to the common layperson?

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10th September 2007

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#2 4 years ago

College is now essentially just a school for encyclopedia writers. Lots of people have graduated college with nothing useful gained because they often never actually dared to take any intellectual risk. They expect it all to be drilled in them and that somehow they'll become smarter as a result of it.[/rant]

Ahem...anyway, this woman sounds like a liar and manipulator. She may actually believe it, at least to a degree that she can be convincing to those who will listen. also grew up in that realm, and since you and I don't live too far apart it's likely we've had similar experiences. I still have a lot of family who cling to those beliefs and apply them to almost every situation.

As far as the human condition...well...most people aren't brave enough to actually go outside the norm. The norm is safe, comfortable and rewarding to a degree. And most of us don't really ever grow beyond that sort of yearning for illusory security because we were raised by it and in it. It's hard to escape it without a significant push or drive and a bit of courage.

I don't really have any answers since I'm pretty much a burnt-out wreck at 21 with no hope for my future, so I'm probably not the sort who you should turn to. I'd say probably the best thing is to continue on your own path towards what feels like the right way. Eventually you'll probably find a niche that will provide a cozy home for your thoughts and desires.

Of course I acknowledge that most of what I said could be complete rubbish but they can't all be winners :clueless:

In the meantime we're still a family <3

"I'd shush her zephyr." ~ Zephyr.

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#3 4 years ago

[COLOR=Blue]1: The primary "Christian" reason choosing a college is not important is because Jesus is supposed to come back any day now. This is the reason neither of my parents went to college, and the reason why you are being told not to.

2: The primary "Christian" reason choosing a college is not important is because everything in the Bible, everything that they attribute to their god, is common everyday science. The principle of "Faith as a child" works because it depends on people who believe anything they are told, without question. Education undermines all of that, and teaches them to look around, and see the facts.

3: How does she not believe in tithes? Has she never heard of Melchizedek? Or does she simply not believe in the Old Testament at all, including the Ten Commandments?

4: Typical "Christian." If it does not apply to her version of the Bible, it is automatically Satan, and anyone who says otherwise is being ruled by Satan. See #2. [/COLOR]


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10th September 2007

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#4 4 years ago


"I'd shush her zephyr." ~ Zephyr.


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27th July 2004

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#5 4 years ago

Sounds like you have the right idea that you need to get yourself out of that toxic situation. Just keep saving and you'll make it! Sorry that you have to deal with that in the meantime though.

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#6 4 years ago

I like how one out of eight paragraphs in his post even mentions Christianity and suddenly every negative relates to her being Christian. Why can't she just be a cranky old crank like a lot of old people? Who feel entitled by their age, or being members of the "Greatest Generation," to demand to be heard, receive special treatment and be respected?

Sounds like a cranky old crank to me. Get out of her house and on with your life.