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11th October 2009

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#1 11 years ago

"Students in ancient Rome used a mental trick to help in memorizing lengthy speeches. They would associate various sections of their discourse with certain locations throughout the city of Rome. When the time came to remember their speech as they stood in front of their audience, all they had to do was take a mental stroll through the city. This mental strategy is called the Method of Loci, since it uses physical locations to help people remember things."

Dyslexics possess superior spatial senses, allowing them to grasp relationships in three-dimensional space relating to distance and location with phenomenal ease. Thus, the Method of Loci could be adapted to help dyslexic kids learn concepts that would otherwise be very challenging to grasp.

When I look at an object. I see in my head all the sides and how the shape is etc. I can almost see the object in 3D like if it was in Maya etc. When I read it boars me. It is 2D and my mind turns off almost. I learn best hands on and by seeing objects.

My Thesis would deal with viedo games and how they could be used to teach Dyslexics. The three-dimensional world of a video game could be used to build environments where knowledge would be presented in a way suited to the strengths of a dyslexic learner. Educational games, where ideas and concepts were represented as three-dimensional worlds, would allow the students to "stroll" through their lessons as they learn the material.

I see the world in a different way. That does not mean I am stupid or something. It means I learn in a different way. I love being dyslexic. Would not change it. Now the ADHD part I would change but it is who I am........:):)


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#2 11 years ago

Just because someone has a fine grained sense doesn't make them good at learning using that sense. I have better than average eyesight but I get very little out of reading. It's also unclear how the conclusion follows from the premise. The Method of Loci works for people who are not dyslexic so their spatial abilities seem to be beside the point.

Other issues that spring to mind: How you're relating a memory trick to learning concepts rather than say mass memorisation of trivia for which it would seem far better suited on the basis of the information provided here.

How you intend to represent concepts using visual architecture. Talk of strolling through lessons is very vague without a clear definition of what you think a concept is and how you intend to translate it into 3d.

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28th January 2007

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#3 11 years ago

Technically the method of locci seems more to point at multiple parts of the memory instead of actual spatial senses than anything.

And as nem points out - far more useful for mass memorisation of knowledge than the actual understanding of concepts.

It's very similar to other ways of remembering things better. Reading something aloud gives you already 2 inputs - audio as well as visuals. The locci method seems to work quite similarly. It's a mnemonic tool. Might work well for some, might work worse for others.