Ok. Is Microsoft is finally going too far? 30 replies

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15th September 2004

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#1 10 years ago

Just earlier today, a patent that Microsoft placed was granted. This patent allowed for PC in which you pay by the hour to use. You pay by the hour for each part for a time period. The article that I'm about to cite says that this will be more expensive than just buying a PC.

It's for flexibility reasons, but I think Microsoft is taking the charge by the hour crap way too far. This may also take advantage of those that don't know about computer hardware very well and that you can interchange most PC parts quite easily.

Microsoft outlines pay-per-use PC vision | Business Tech - CNET News

What's next. Microsoft charging you for turning your damn PC on or is incorporated into this idea?


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5th July 2005

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#2 10 years ago

Time to go Mac.

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17th July 2006

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#3 10 years ago

Wtf? Ever hear of being able to replace parts on computers? I mean WTF

This is just another grab for money, and with stuff like this, they will lose money, LOTS of money, people will start going to Mac, because you wouldnt have to pay by the hour, Gaming companies would start moving to macs, Lots of stuff for PC would move to Mac, because, They dont have to pay, to work on them.

They are more likely to lose money from this in the long term.


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#4 10 years ago

I don't see M$'s idea of computing like that being utilised by most people. You've been able to rent PCs and most other hardware items for a long time now. People don't do it now why would they do it in the future?

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16th June 2008

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#5 10 years ago

It's like renting a car. You don't rent a car for 3 years do you? You just buy one. It would be VERY VERY stupid to do, renting pc's. I really hope this isn't going to be for real. :( :o


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25th November 2003

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#6 10 years ago

I don't see it happening. Even M$ is not that stupid, all that would do is cause Linux and Apple to take over the computing world.

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4th September 2005

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#7 10 years ago

You could always go back to the best operating system that ever existed. Workbench 1.0. :clueless:

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.


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#8 10 years ago

Companies constantly copyright and patent things they never end up using, and I have a feeling that's what this is. It's the most retarded system ever, of course. From my understanding the components would be in the computer for a high-level gaming rig, but it would be scaled back by software unless you pay more? Ridiculous.


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24th April 2003

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#9 10 years ago

No, this is perfect!

I found this in Microsoft's Corporate Strategy for Q1 of 2009... (which somehow I have access to)

Move your mouse 100 pixels - 1 cent Close a window - 50 cents Open a window - $1 Start Windows - $50 Shut down Windows $25 Contact Microsoft $5...with a complaint / problem - $2.50 per word Solution for complaint - $10 upfront, $5 per minute spent explaining solution Buy windows Vista - $First Born Son


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2nd August 2002

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#10 10 years ago
NiteStryker;4750916 Start Windows - $50 Shut down Windows $25

there goes my money!

Blue screen of death $75 A forced shut down $100 A lock up (frozen screen) $60