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9th October 2007

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#1 4 years ago

I've recently been trying to understand plasma and bose-einstein condensate, which is not entirely easy IMO. Therein lies the reason for my thread on spam which I decided to bring here for the sake of fun =p Also, making use of our resident nuclear physisist and science mage priest or whatever DarthParrot works with.

I mainly was curious over the current atomic model but I guess anything related could be discussed here, no?


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10th September 2007

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#2 4 years ago

Materials scientist actually =p

They synthesize new forms of and refine materials to be used in various projects, like CPUs, body armor, ceramics, optics, and medicine. Lot of cool stuff.

I've been a big science enthusiast since probably forever; however, when it comes to the question of actually doing any formal certification...well...let's just say I'll wait for my honorary doctorate :p

It's just too darn competitive man :\

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#3 3 years ago

I found this in my trawls of the interweb:

Daily Mail-o-matic | qwghlm.co.uk

It's alarming how realistic some of them sound.

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