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4th June 2004

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#71 12 years ago
gnspr9I've played, never got hurt too bad, it stings for a few seconds....and then there's the douchebags who shoot you as you walk to the "out" area. Me, i'm more of an airsoft guy, i have a classic army m15a4, and the HFC m190.

Bonus balls, eh? I'm kind of bad with that. I guess I'm so used to computer games when you know you got someone or not, that I will shoot untill I am sure they are out (this could be anything from raising their hands above their heads and yelling/running away -- the best thing to do -- to shouting obscenities).


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7th February 2006

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#72 12 years ago

when I play in my woods, I follow 1 rule :P ( yes and I know its evil) Dont stop shooting till they drop. :P



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7th November 2003

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#73 12 years ago

When I encouter somebody I've made it a habbit to just fire 3 rounds (E-trigger ftw:)), in case 1 or 2 balls bounce, the 3rd will break. Not many players like the E-trigger, but I'm having a good time with it :)

Anybody uses an A5 with a scope here?


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13th April 2006

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#74 12 years ago

[color=red]Painball "dangerous"? Yes..., to a certain extent it may cause bodily harm. [/color]

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22nd May 2005

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#75 12 years ago

I've played a couple of times, just with the regular guns they had there... Of the whole day paintballing I only got about 4 painfull hits, the one that hurt the most was at the last round, I sneaked up hehind someone, shot him 3 times in the back at close range, but then he shot me (allthough he was already out) 2 times at my hand from less than a meter...I had 2 black circles on my hand for 2 weeks lol. One of the most fun things you can do is hide behind already shot friends, me and a m8 stormed another guy in some bushes, my m8 got hit and I ran for cover him he took about 10-15 hits because of me :lol: and I took out the guy in the bushes aswell! We had a good laugh over that later.