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#1 4 years ago

Is pretty much dead to me now! :D

I thought at the beginning of my studies at a four-year school would lead to a minor in the subject (because that's the most they offered), but NO MORE.

If there's one thing university has taught me, it's that NO SUBJECT IS SACRED.

This is the place where interest goes to die. I've never seen a more disinterested, disheartened, and just plain anesthetized range of classes. Pretty much every single lecture attended involved the following:

1. Professor talks about point, professor asks 50 STUDENTS if there are any question, no questions.

2. Professor talks about practical examples, asks 50 STUDENTS if there are any questions or comments, no questions or comments.

3. Professor gives scantron, average results from most students, a few As, and some Bs.

4. Professor feels like most students aren't interested in learning anything instead trying to do as little work as possible.

5. To which Adrian says: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQwfO9_voY7bdma1umgTAu042-BejRpRM_FeKs4s8RV4QnhX2KzhlzOYg


On the bright side, Programming was all in a small room with desks and computers and a teacher who had experience running her own business and always had time to talk and work with students. All the tests were open-book, open-program, you just couldn't ask for help from the teacher or other students. Every other time we just talked and learned from each other and served almost as our own teachers.

Am I missing something here? I'm beginning to suspect that it really doesn't get better the more into a field you travel. I probably said somewhere that my last two and half years of school will be relatively cheap, so I guess there's no reason not to continue, but I'm just REALLLLLLY reaching out for some sort of sign or ray of light. Ya know what I mean? :uhm:

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#2 4 years ago

The first few years of your classes are very diluted with useless information, which is why many lose interest. Think of it as a way to weed people out.


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#3 4 years ago

Nope, philosophy was similar to me, took an ethics course where if you didn't agree on a particular interpretation, you were wrong. My interpersonal communications class was more true to philosophy than the class labeled for it :p

In response to scho, yes, it's like when in Asian countries they use that technique to give you useless tasks until you decide rather than go through the process to fire you.

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