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28th October 2006

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#1 14 years ago

In my English class we have been doing our options for next year (lessons we pick) and what jobs we would like to get, and lately i have been interested in becoming a pilot later in life, but a few things that trouble me about becoming one such as "Forgeting where to go" :P and for homework we have been asked to research a job we would like and find out the different things about it.

So i geuss i'm saying: Does it pay well? Is it an easy job? (Such as landing,taking off etc ((flying if you have to go without auto pilot)) ) How much time does it take up out of a week in general

Also are there any decent FREE flight sims?

I thank you all that reply with helpfull answers in advance.


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8th April 2006

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#2 14 years ago
.Logic;3363916 but a few things that trouble me about becoming one such as "Forgeting where to go".

good old GPS lol aparantly you need to be quite skilled in maths to be a poilt and you need special vision, this is from what i have heard


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11th February 2003

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#3 14 years ago

You know you can easily find this information anay where right...

First of all, yes it pays well..DEPENDING on where and whom you work for. Raytheon(and other defense companies), Any corporate company, commerical company, or an air lines pilot = $$$.

No it isnt an easy Job. It is not as simple as pressing a few buttons and a joy stick. Depending on where you get flight trainning(also related to money) is how easy or hard it will be. It will require you to go through a lot of schooling, and paying alot of money to get trainning from ERAU. A little less, but also from FIT. ERAU almost = guranteed job from the BIG companies, (not the small or med sized ones) And as I said it isnt that simple, FIT and ERAU take you through 4 years and a bachelor's degree. But you can go to the local commercial/public air port and get trainning there, but that would be for personal leisure, and maybe a small company depending on your trainning and flight time.

And how much does it take up from your week..depends on your job. Airline pilots, dont expect alot of free time(still depends if your a BIG airliner or inter continental, etc.) small companies or defense companies you MIGHT have more time off..all depends on your employer.

Decent free flight sims? lol Ive never found a decent free fligth sim..make sure you got a good computer, good controlers(either mouse, keyboard, joystick, etc.) And just buy Microsoft Flight Sim.

Flying is no easy task to make big bucks :)


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14th April 2004

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#4 14 years ago

For a commercial airline pilot: You must have:

  • 20-20 Vision
  • Very good math skills
  • An "advanced" qualification in physics
  • Very good attention to detail
  • A positive mind

You must:

  • Be very polite and presentable
  • Never EVER take unnecessary risks
  • Be willing to still gain knowledge of aircraft and flying throughout your whole career
  • Always be aware that your job is to look after the people behind you
  • Be willing to work whenever your company ask you to (within the limitations explained below)
  • Enjoy it to be good at it

Pilots have a maximum number of hours they can fly per year and therefore day. Even though, the pay is still very good even when you start at the bottom of the chain.


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#5 14 years ago

Hmm, I think I saw someone around here whose usertitle said he's a Cessna pilot. Something bond I think.


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10th January 2004

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#6 14 years ago

It's not terribly difficult to get your single engine private pilot liscence. I have a couple friends who've gotten theirs, and they're about 17. It just takes a little money, and a lot of dedication and will power. If you have those things, and really feel you want to fly, go for it.


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6th November 2006

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#7 14 years ago

I don't think there are any free Flight Simulators. For starters, get an old version for like $5.99 like 2000, or 2001 once you really get into it get FSX once you raise the money and practice flying. Once your done with that, and you know the controls get flight lessons work your way up. I heard it does pay well, good luck! Maybe you'll fly my plane someday if you make it into the business. Talk to Dr.Fritz about this, he could teach you alot of new things about flying.



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#8 14 years ago

In good weather and minus mechanical failure an aircraft of any design will generally be easy to fly. By which I mean you could keep it in the air. Even a Cessna a small child could probably keep in the air without any prior training. I went for this sort of introduction to flight thing once. We went up in a Cessna and I took the controls that first time up and kept it steady, made turns, and gained and lost altitude, all smoothly.

But being a pilot is more then just that. Taking off and landing are going to be alot harder for one thing. Then there is navigation, communication(ATC) and also the list DnC posted. For information on schooling, job opportunities, and pay check here.