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#11 12 years ago
Chris Down;3350168It's gotta be OSes. Think about the pronounciation.

Speeling and pronounciation are not alway related.

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#12 12 years ago
Bob L. Scrachy;3350152OS's is possessive not plural. OS is the name and " 's " is the the possessive conjugate.[/quote] [quote=Reven;3350159] Firefox's!

Guys, I'm dutch. I don't do English grammar rules. :p


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#13 12 years ago

OSs seems more appropriate.


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#14 12 years ago

It's spelt Operating Systems not, Systemes or, Systemies. So I would assume it to be OSs.


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14th February 2004

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#15 12 years ago


I win, I win!

Note that it is still pronounced "Oh-es-es," but spelled "OSs"

Ironic that you should post an incorrect Wiki entry in a debate over incorrect Wiki entries.

Properly, the suffix -s (sans apostrophe) is correct in any situation where an acronym is being used as a word, but in the plural and not possessive form. Except in one instance: where the final sound of the word is "ess." In that instance, the suffix -es is used.

The correct term is "OSes."


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#16 12 years ago

Apparently the Oxford Manual of Style (which I've never heard of, but does exist) says that 'SOSs' is correct for the plural of 'SOS', so the Wiki guy presumed the same was true for 'OS'.

It all depends on whether you read 'OS' and think 'Oh-Ess' or you read 'OS' and think 'Operating System'. If you do the former (like me) you'll find 'OSes' is much better. If you do the latter then 'OSs' makes more sense, but the English language does not presume you know what the acronym means so of course anyone reading a new acronym for the first time would think, in the case of 'OS', 'Oh-Ess'.

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