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#1 9 years ago

Hello there! The fans of the game "POD" (Planet of Death) by Ubisoft have made a petition to them to make a remake of it. If you don't know what POD is then let me explain. POD is a futuristic racing game, with no weaponry (Just skills ;)) that came out in 1997 by Ubisoft. Many people still think it's the greatest racing game, because the story is so unique...

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HooDNS3zz...

The story gives it real depth cause you're racing to be the only one to get out of the planet alive, and you feel it through the entire game.

This game is so cool, cause mainly (for me) you tried to push each other off the edges and jump high with your car, while you tried to get to first place.

I hope there are people here who have tried it and remember how good it actually was ... is ...

A remake of this game would make... well, "a dream come true" (for me atleast)

And for those who haven't tried the game, wouldn't it be nice to have a good racing game with this story? A new game that's challenging, exciting and you need to push your opponents off the edge because you don't have weaponry. Wouldn't that be nice?

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#2 9 years ago

Game developers arent just going to make a game on a whim or demand of the fans. There's a lot of work that needs to be done in order for a game to be made. Unless Ubisoft does something wrong, then just let them do what they're doing and ditch the petitions.


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#3 9 years ago

While POD is a good game. I agree. Perhaps another company should develop there own take on survival racing.

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#4 9 years ago

What you need to consider is that POD was a fairly basic racing game, I remember buying it back then. Just like the Screamer games, they were just racing. Fine, a little atmosphere around it, but still a very basic game by today's standards.

You can play the original using dosBox on present-day computers, so there's no real need for a remake. If you want a similar game (although with weaponry), try S.C.A.R.S., it came out in 1998.