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31st October 2005

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#101 13 years ago

When a Police Officer comes knocking at your door for assault with a deadly weapon thats going to be your problem... You will be in the wrong no matter who started the fight. Unless they use a weapon and attack you first. And even then you'll be lucky to get out of it alive. It's all about choices are they really worth it? Are you going to care about them 5 years from now? Is anyone going to care about what so and so posted 2 days from now? Life is simple you live and die. How are you going to be remembered? The guy who got put away because some as*holes push you around and you made a poor choice in self defence? Try learning some self defence. Im learning brazilian jujutsu. It will help you mentally and physically. You will become stronger in many ways. Besides what happens when you don't have your sword on hand? Self-Defence classes are exellent I believe anyone should take them. You do nothing but benafit from them. Even if you say you never get in fights, the chances are greater that one day you will. You never know just who might walk around that corner next. It's safer to be sure of yourself and ready than try to defend yourself and be hurt physically and humiliated mentally or publicly. I know what im talking about it happened to me along time ago, but I used that experience and it made me stronger.


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27th October 2005

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#102 13 years ago
TheMM;3355767Usually a couple cuts in the legs scare em off, never anything too bad, the "go samarii" mainly implies how fast I do it. Then again, they never come back to my house when I do. Now, shall we continue on the topic thingy at hand?

You do realise that you are breaking the law majorly here? Not only are you in possession of an offensive weapon, but you are attacking them with it?


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29th May 2003

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#103 13 years ago

TheMM, you are just as much in the wrong as these 'gangs'.

Taking a samurai sword and chopping away at their legs is assault and battery at the very least, and depending on how much damage you inflict, it could be ABH, malicious wounding or GBH, which will see you locked up long time.